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How To Clean A Riding Lawn Mower Deck? Separate Methods for With or Without Washing Port

Riding Lawn Mowers resemble large tractors used for large lawns. Although a riding lawn mower is initially a pricey investment, this type allows users to cover an extensive amount of land quickly. However, if you own a riding lawn mower, ensuring your lawn mower’s deck remains clean is an absolute challenge.

Removing the built-up grass is an integral part of the maintenance of your riding lawn mower. Most people need help understanding the procedure that should be adopted to clean a riding lawn mower deck.  Several ways may be used to clean a riding lawn mower deck. Within this article, I break down the process of cleaning a riding lawn mower deck to help you ensure that your riding lawn mower can last a long time.

How Should You Clean A Riding Lawn Mower Deck?

Although a riding lawn mower is an excellent investment, the only downside to purchasing this type of mower is cleaning the mower’s deck. The most challenging aspect of cleaning the riding lawn mower is removing the grass that builds up in the underside of the deck. 

The method you use to clean your mower is bound to vary from individual to individual and depends on numerous factors. Based on my experience, I have narrowed down the most common ways of cleaning a riding lawn mower deck. 

If Your Riding Lawn Mower Has A Washing Port

The cleaning method you adopt depends on whether your Riding Lawn Mower has a washing port. The majority of Lawn Mowers come with a wash port that may be located at the top of the deck. The wash port of a lawn mower allows you to clean the underside of a lawn mower using a water hose. 

It is ideal to do this procedure as soon as possible after you mow your lawn since the clippings are still moist. If you have intense water pressure, simply purchase a lawn sprinkler and let the water pressure remove all the built-up grass and dirt. Here are the steps you must follow to simplify this process.

Initialize Your Deck To The Lowest Level

Before you proceed, setting your lawn mower’s deck to the lowest possible level is essential.

Attach The Mulch Plug

The mulch plug helps keep the water within the deck of the mower. However, the mulch plug can not be found in all lawnmowers. Therefore, if you can find it in your mower, you must ensure to attach the mulch plug!

Connect The Garden Hose To The Water Port

How to clean a riding lawn mower deck? Separate methods for with or without washing port

This step of the procedure is self-explanatory. Hook the garden hose to the water port of your lawn mower and turn the water tap to its maximum. You can now relax and let the water hose do its job!  

To ensure that all the built-up grass and dirt are removed completely, make sure you repeatedly move the blades of the mower while the water is still washing away. Let the procedure carry on for five minutes. 

If Your Lawn Mower Does Not Have A Wash-Out Port

Things can get complicated when your lawn mower needs a wash-out port. Before you carry out this method, you must ensure to take some safety measures. 

You must keep safety goggles and gloves to protect yourself from sharp blades. I have mentioned the steps you should take to clean your mower’s deck if it does not have a wash-out port.

Empty The Gas From The Gas Tank

You have two options here. Either use the lawn mower until the gas tank is empty or simply empty the gas tank manually. This step is essential as it stops water and gas from inter-mixing, which might lead to various issues.

Remove The Spark Plug

Removing the spark plug to clean a riding lawn mower deck

Removing the spark plug is another precaution taken for safety purposes.

Place The Lawn Mower On A Flat Surface

If your lawn mower is void of a wash-out port and attempting to clean the mower’s deck, you must place the lawn mower on a flat surface. This step is particularly important as it helps avoid unfortunate accidents. 

If you use a gas mower, you must ensure that the air filter and carburetor face up when you lay it on its side. This helps stop oil from entering the fuel system. You must place something that would prevent the mower from slipping. At this stage, most people prefer to use wooden blocks.

Use A Hydraulic Jack To Lift The Lawn Mower

Once you finish the previous steps, you must use a hydraulic jack. Simply place the Hydraulic Jack below the lawn mower’s wheels and pump it to maximum capacity.

Begin The Washing Procedure

Washing with hose to clean a riding lawn mower deck

Begin by grabbing the water hose and cleaning the mower’s bottom. Now, use the socket wrench and safety gloves to remove the blades. Remove the blades of the mower and keep them aside.

Use a scraper to remove all the accumulated debris and dirt. At this stage, it’s wise to give the entire deck another wash to ensure no spot is left un-washed. Make sure you wash the blades you removed earlier as well.

Grease And Reassemble

Since you used a lot of water, the probability of the metal rusting is high. Therefore, it’s best to avoid taking any chances and greasing the bottom of the deck. All you need to do is reassemble the lawn mower.


Maintaining your lawn mower and keeping it clean is the best way to ensure it lasts for a long time. When you have to clean a riding lawn mower’s deck, there is no doubt that you will require more than a piece of cloth. The cleaning method you should adopt depends on your personal preference and whether your lawn mower has a washing port.

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