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15 Most Beautiful Hibiscus Flowers

From childhood to date, gardening has been my best escape from social chaos. From roses to lilies, I have planted and witnessed them spread their soothing fragrance to my garden. But, you won’t believe that I always waited for Hibiscus flowers and French flowers to grow more than roses and lilies.

These used to be the best days of my life: Watching a new hibiscus grow every morning and seeing her off with the sun. The year-long wait for Hibiscus was the best thing I ever did in my childhood. The colorful flowers used to bring ultimate happiness to my unbridled youth.

I know this has reminded you too of your childhood. So, how good will it be if we get some hibiscus plants for our gardens today? They are beautiful, require no care and protection, and offer an eye-catching look to your garden.

Now, if you are interested in planting a hibiscus plant and want to know about some of its best species and types, this is the perfect place to land on. Here are some of the most beautiful and rare hibiscus flowers you must own.

Hibiscus Flowers: A detailed insight

Belonging to the mallow family, Malvaceae, Hibiscus is a flowering plant that grows especially in warm conditions in tropical regions. The genus hibiscus has hundreds of species spreading throughout the tropical zone. Generally, Hibiscus is used for gardening purposes.

Most people do not know that Hibiscus has various health benefits. Hibiscus plants are good for improving your immune system, preventing cell damage, and helping reduce heart disease chances.

15 Types of Hibiscus Flowers to Plant

Before getting a hibiscus plant for your garden, it is essential to know about some of its best and most important species. For that reason, here are some of the most beautiful and rare types of hibiscus flowers you may have for your home.

1. Donna Lynn Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers

Donna Lynn Hibiscus is one of the most beautiful Hibiscus originating from the Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis species. This Hibiscus is from the shrub category and has a dark red eye to attract bees and butterflies. The flower has purple petals that turn yellow towards the edges. The plant flowers once a year, and the flower’s life span is not more than 24 hours.

2. China Rose Hibiscus

15 most beautiful hibiscus flowers

China Rose hibiscus is one of the most popular types of Hibiscus flowers. The China Rose Hibiscus is available in various colors, including yellow, pink and red, making it one of the market’s most in-demand types of Hibiscus flowers. The China Rose hibiscus originates from the tropical region and needs no care to stay healthy and fresh.

3. Aphrodite Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers

Aphrodite Hibiscus, or what we generally call the Rose of Sharon, belongs to the shrub category whose flowers extend to 4 inches or 10 cm. The flower has a basic pink color with a brown or dark red prominent eye. It is a five-petal flower, and it lasts from sunrise to sunset. However, the plant Aphrodite Hibiscus can easily live as long as 30 to 40 years. So, you will witness 30 to 40 flowering seasons with this flower at home. Lastly, this plant can flower numerous flowers at a time.

4. Starry Starry Night Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers

Starry Starry Night Hibiscus is a flower that no eye will pass without notice. It is a deciduous shrub with large flowers extending to 7 or 8 inches. The Starry Starry Night Hibiscus is one of the few pale pink flowers having dark pink speckling and veining. This hibiscus flower has the same life span as most hibiscus flowers, and this hibiscus plant can live as long as ten years with ease.

5. Lavender Chiffon Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers

For its beauty, the Lavender Chiffon Hibiscus is an award-winning flower that you will have in your garden. It is a deciduous shrub that offers you large and beautiful flowers. The flower is colored in lilac pink and offers a decent look in its flowering season. The best thing about the Lavender Chiffon Hibiscus is that it is a double flower with large petals extending as long as 10 cm or 4 inches.

6. Lucy Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers

Lucy hibiscus is one of the most demanded and large red flower-producing shrubs. This large red bloom flower has a blush of yellow at the center of the bloom. The flower only lasts from sunrise to sunset and grows perfectly in tropical regions. The plant will grow well in full sun or partial shade conditions. The height of Lucy Hibiscus is as high as 5 to 8 feet and has a flower diameter of 4 inches.

7. Minerva Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers

This is the most attractive hibiscus flower you will ever have from the tropical hibiscus varieties. Minerva Hibiscus is one of those hibiscus flowers that grow easily in the United States of America. Owning a bright red eye, this amazing flower has bright and pinking lavender petals. This flower has five ruffled petals that add an extra feather to its beauty. The most prominent thing about this flower is its contrasting white stamen.

8. Gwen Mary Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers

If you want your garden to stand out, Gwen Mary hibiscus could be the right bet. It originates from Australia and can grow easily in tropical and warm weather. The Gwen Mary Hibiscus owns a vivid deep pink flower and grows on an upright, medium-sized bush. This amazing flow can be as large as 5 inches and can bear high temperatures with ease.

9. Standing Ovation Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers

This is one of those hibiscus flowers that have color variation. The standing ovation hibiscus can vary as a red, orange, or yellow flower. Having a diameter of 15 inches, this amazingly gorgeous flower will bloom throughout the spring season. This particular hibiscus flower has various petals making it look a bit like a rose.

10. Enchanted Lady Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers

Enchanted Lady hibiscus is one of the most exotic flowers that grow best in tropical regions. This flower has yellow edges that turn red towards the center. And the most exotic thing about this flower is its dark red or blackish shade at the very center of the flower. So, for a beautiful-looking garden, this is the perfect hibiscus plant to have.

11. Heartbreak Hotel Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers

With the combination of yellow edges and dark red petals, this is one of the most exotic Hibiscuses you will ever have. This particular Hibiscus has a diameter of 16 cm and grows perfectly in tropical regions. For perfect growth, this plant requires full sun or partial shade. This plant will bloom from April to November. So, if you need a plant with exotic flowers, the Heartbreak Hotel Hibiscus can be an option.

12. White Chiffon Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers

There are various types of hibiscus flowers, but nothing matches the beauty of White Chiffon Hibiscus. Hibiscus Chiffon is a double-flower hibiscus species that offers various colors, and the one that stands out is white chiffon hibiscus. This hibiscus flower blooms from July to September and offers your garden an exotic look. It grows in a finely shaped shrub that may extend to a diameter of 175 cm.

13. Luna Pink Swirl Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers

The Luna Pink Swirl Hibiscus is one of those species of Hibiscus that are compact and well-branched, and it offers large and exotic flowers. This is one of those types of hibiscus flowers that add an extra look to your garden. The Luna Pink Swirl hibiscus can be as long as 8 inches and has a red center with overlapping white and pink petals. From a distance, this amazing flower’s petals look like a fan’s blades. So, if you need beauty in your garden, this is the plant to get.

14. Joan of Arc Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers

Having bright green, three-lobed leaves, the Joan of Arc is what will help you make your garden better than ever. The flower grows well in full sun or partial shade. The Joan of Arc plant will offer a large flower with an upright and deciduous shrub to make your garden attractive and fresh. This plant will bloom from midsummer to early autumn. So, for a beautiful and deciduous shrub, this is the perfect plant to get.

15. Blue Satin Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers

If you want a rare and beautiful hibiscus in your garden, there is no better option than the Blue Satin Hibiscus. It is one of the rarest hibiscus colors that you will ever have. It is a bushy flower with true blue color on the edges of the petals and faded blue towards the eye. The blue satin hibiscus has a prominent red eye contrasting with yellow stamen to make it one of the most beautiful Hibiscus ever.


To conclude, this article is the perfect treasure for those looking to have hibiscus flowers. The article has introduced you to some of the best tropical hibiscus varieties. Along with it, I tried my best to offer you a brief detail of the hibiscus plant and its benefits. However, if anything is missing or you want to have some additional information about the types of hibiscus flowers, let me know. I will be there to assist you. I always shop at Nature Hills Nursery for all my Hibiscus, but you have to be quick because they sell out fast.


What is the rarest color for a hibiscus flower?

Blue hibiscus

Precisely speaking, blue is the rarest color found when discussing hibiscus flowers. It is hard to find; you will only have it from the tropical hibiscus varieties. So, if you have a hibiscus plant flowering with blue flowers, call yourself lucky.

Which Hibiscus is most popular?

The most popular and widely in-demand hibiscus flower is the Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis. The flower is also called the Chinese Hibiscus, or China rose. It is one of those hibiscuses you will find in most gardens. So, it is clear that China rose is the most popular and widely used Hibiscus.

Are White Hibiscus flowers rare?

Not all, but Dainty White Hibiscus is one of the rarest types of hibiscus flowers that you will ever have. It is hard to find and only grows and blossoms in tropical regions. So, you must be in a tropical region to enjoy the Dainty White Tropical Hibiscus varieties.

What’s the average life of a hibiscus flower?

Usually, a hibiscus flower will only last from dawn to dusk. However, some hibiscus flower hybrid seeds will last as many as three days. So, if you want your hibiscus flower to last long, get a hybrid one.

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