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How to Get Rid Of Snails in Your Garden ┃8 Effective Ways

I was really worried about my garden’s deteriorating health last year. When I closely looked for any signs of weeds or any other insects’ invasion, I discovered my garden had been under attack by snails.

So, I researched some ways to get rid of snails in the garden. I came across many tips and tricks, and some were very useful. In this article, I will be sharing some of the best ways to get rid of snails that worked for me. You will also have some handy tricks to keep snails away from your garden by the end of your read.

8 Effective Ways to Get Rid Of Snails‎

As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of ways you can get rid of snails. The ways mentioned below can get rid of snails in your garden without compromising the health of your garden or its produce.

1. Use Traps

How to get rid of snails in your garden using snail traps

This is one of the most commonly used methods to get rid of snails in your garden. Traps can be the safest alternative to prevent snails from invading your garden. These traps are like those common traps you would often purchase, like grapefruit traps.

These traps can be scattered all around your garden. It doesn’t really matter which garden trap you use, it will be effective. Traps have this special scent that attracts snails toward them. They get to travel toward the trap, and eventually, they are caught red-handed.

The process is inexpensive, easy to install, and not harmful to plants. The disposing part might be a bit undesirable part. Another thing is to reset these traps regularly. It will take a few weeks to months to destroy the whole population of snails.

2. Have Predators

Chickens eat snails

Another effective way is to have some snail predators in your garden. No, I am not talking about those foxes or bears. You can have cute creatures like geese, chickens, and ducks.

These are some of the natural predators of snails and other dangerous insects. Also, the method is eco-friendly and involves no poising or killing. It is also suitable for households with kids looking for a safe way to get rid of snails.
Even though there is no hassle of introducing new animals into your garden, some households might find it difficult. Adjusting a new animal into a new house with pets can often be tricky.

3. Introducing Pesticides or Other Chemicals

How to get rid of snails in your garden using iron phosphate

Talking about the chemicals, I loved the use of iron phosphate. This is one of the safest chemicals on plants but the deadliest for snails. I do not recommend using chemicals in your garden, but this is the only thing that I am not against.

Some other chemicals like alum, potassium permanganate, and bleach can also be used in your garden to kick off stubborn snails from your garden. Make sure you use these chemicals only on the affected area, not throughout the garden.

The one chemical that I am totally against is Metaldehyde. This chemical is a good pesticide, but it is extremely poisonous for domestic animals. If you are thinking of using it in your garden, ensure that it doesn’t come in contact with animals or food.

You can also use salt from your kitchen to get rid of snails in your garden. You can sprinkle salt directly on the area. Remember that salt can harm plants or other animals, so be careful while spreading it.

You can also use garlic to get rid of snails in your garden. Here you have to prepare a mixture of garlic and water in a water-spraying bottle. Prepare a dilute solution of both ingredients and spray it over the areas infested by snails.

4. Create Barriers

How to get rid of snails in your garden ┃8 effective ways

Copper can be used as a barrier to getting rid of snails. Snails are gastropods, and whenever they contact copper or any other metal, they tend to get an electric shock.

You can start by underlying your garden with copper tape. Do not forget to tape the pots or water tanks, if any. Try to purchase copper metal from your nearest hardware store and sprinkle it all over your garden.

Another non-toxic barrier is Diatomaceous earth. This powdered material has very sharp and thin-cut edges. Coming in contact with this barrier, snails will just die off. You have to sprinkle some of them in the affected area.
You can also use ashes and fur to create a movement barrier for snails. These materials restrict these gastropods’ movements and kill them on the spot. Sprinkle them around your garden or the water tanks.

You can also install an electric fence around your garden. Snails get this odd sensation in their body when they come in contact with electricity. Another advantage is that this method is safe for other land animals.

5. Grow Snail-Repelling Plants

Hostas are a great plant for repelling snails
Hosta plant, great for repelling snails

Many plants have the property of repelling snails. Hostas are one of the most widely used plants to keep snails away from the garden. Make sure to purchase the one with thicker leaves as they are the most effective ones.
Another common plant used to keep snails out of gardens is seaweed. Many of us might already have this plant in our gardens. Because of its salty nature, the plant is not so friendly to snails. The simplest way is to introduce the seaweed plant to your garden’s pond.

Small pot plants can also be introduced to your garden to repel snails. These can include lavender, rosemary, and sage. I also tried California poppy, purple robe cup flower, and fuchsia. These plants worked wonders in my garden.

6. Change Watering Schedule

How to get rid of snails in your garden ┃8 effective ways

Snails can often come out in the dark to get food from plants in your garden. If you have been watering your lawn in the evening, these snails will come out at night for food.

For this reason, try to alter your watering schedules into the morning. The earlier you water your garden, the drier it will be at night, and the snails will have no place to get food. As long as your garden gets adequate water, there is no problem altering the watering schedule.

7. Destroy Snail Eggs

How to get rid of snails in your garden ┃8 effective ways

Most gastropods lay their eggs on the soil to grow. Here you can do one thing to remove the mess they make. They can often bury their eggs in the form of debris. Make sure to remove them as soon as you spot them.
You can also plow the soil and destroy their habitat. Try to make unfavorable conditions for them. You can do so by scattering around wooden planks in your garden. This will restrict their movement, and they have no place to live.

8. Take Help from Bait

How to get rid of snails in your garden ┃8 effective ways

A friend of mine told me to use bait in my garden to get rid of snails. I’m not too keen on using chemicals in my garden and avoid them as much as possible, so I researched some homemade baits online and found something unusual. So, I was told if you have a can of beer in your refrigerator, you don’t have to purchase bait. Because beer contains yeast and can work perfectly to lure the snails out as soon as they smell the beer.

You can pour some beer into a bowl and place it in the soil. As soon as a snail is attracted by the smell, it will come out to get its food. This time you would just wait for the snail to drown, and you can then toss the dead snail out.
Some other juices like grape juice can also be used as bait. The process is effective, affordable, and non-toxic.
If you are interested in trying out powdered bait, be careful as they are extremely dangerous in a household with kids and pets.

How To Keep Snails Away

We have discussed a lot of ways to get rid of snails. Even after getting rid of them, you need to ensure that the infestation doesn’t keep occurring. Here are some preventive measures to avoid encountering snails in your garden.

Look for Hideouts

One thing is to identify the access point of these tiny monsters. Try to use a flashlight to trace their dried slime back into their den. If you get to see any underground hideouts, try to seal them as soon as possible.

You can use a mixture of cement if the hideouts are underground. Try to add a layer of soil so they will have no way to come out. You can also use caulk or silicone to fill out these holes. This is one of the effective and inexpensive procedures and is not harmful.

Remember this procedure is only effective if you want to prevent snails from entering your garden. If you have a family of snails already residing in your garden, this process will not work out.

These can be their favorite hideouts if you have any tall weeds or grass in your garden. These places are also well-known hideouts for another garden pest that likes to take up residence, RATS, and they like eating your plants among other things, so I decided to help out and write an article explaining how to stop rats from eating your garden. So the best thing to do is to remove all weeds using a good weed-removing tool. I’ve also done a review of the best weed removal tools taking out the guesswork on which one will suit your needs.

Install Drip Irrigation

Moist areas are most prone to snail invasion. When you reduce moisture in your garden, you will be providing a less favorable environment for the snails to grow. Water your lawn just the appropriate way, and do not let it drown in water, especially in the evening. Here’s a detailed video explaining how to install drip irrigation in your garden.


What Attracts Snails to My House & Yard?

Snail trail to your garden

Snails might be attracted to your house and yard for two main reasons. One is the food search, and the second is searching for shelter. If your yard or home has these hideouts and can provide moisture, they would most likely stay there. You can use the fact snails are getting attracted to your garden and set lots of traps for them. You’ll be doing yourself and your neighbors a big favor.

Why Should I Get Rid Of Garden Snails?

How to get rid of snails in your garden ┃8 effective ways

Garden snails might not seem harmful, but these uninvited guests can munch on the crops or plants you have in your garden. Overnight a garden can be ruined by a colony of snails moving in and having a feast. It’s best to do all you can to prevent your garden from being destroyed by pests.

Do Snails Hate Salt?

Snails hate salt

Yes, snails hate salt, and they will do anything they can to avoid coming into contact with the substance. If the soil has salt mixed or put around it, snails will avoid getting into it or crossing over it at all costs.

‎Conclusion ‎

Hopefully, you are all set to get rid of those nasty tiny snails in your garden. Make sure to follow each of the ways mentioned here carefully. If your yard is free of snails, ensure it remains that way by following the tricks mentioned here. Best of luck!

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