8 Best Rototiller/ Mini Cultivator/ Mini Tiller

8 Best Rototiller/ Mini Cultivator/ Mini Tiller

Are you thinking of planting but don’t want all the hectic procedures of tilling the soil? I got you. The whole process of removing the pesky weed and aerating the soil can be tiring and a very time-consuming task.

I remember when I first tilled my garden with a manual tiller, and it was no less than a hassle. But it later became a rewarding task when I got to know about the rototillers. If you are a new gardener, let me tell you why it’s important to consider small rototillers when buying one.

Manual tilling soil the hard way, you'd be better off with the best rototiller on the market to help
8 best rototiller/ mini cultivator/ mini tiller

As you know, it is important to use a tool to dig below the surface without disturbing the roots of your crops to make sure your soil is weed-free and aerated enough to absorb rain and water. You can easily do it by using a mini tiller as it can reach places where larger tillers can’t reach. Due to their compact size and lightweight design, they can fit between the close rows of your herb or vegetable garden. A mini tiller is ideal for smaller soil plots that are already loose and mostly free of stones.

“What tiller should I buy?”

The best rototiller won’t appear on its own; rather, you have to look for it in the right place. As a result, I’ve created a list of the top mini rototillers that are a combination of tillers and cultivators so you don’t have to exhaust yourself looking for one. But before digging deep into the article, let me clarify the difference between a cultivator and a tiller.

Cultivator vs. Tiller

Some people might confuse a tiller with a cultivator, but they both are different in functionality and purpose. It’s important to know which gardening tool best suits your needs when shopping.

CultivatorTillerCultivator/ Tiller Combo
It is best to use cultivators in existing beds to loosen and break up the crust.It is best to use tillers to turn the soil over, the tines of the tiller dig deeply. With this combo, the tines can be adjusted to dig deeper than normal, adding to the benefits of both tools.

Our Top Picks: 8 Best Small Rototillers

Even the most compacted soil can be transformed into a crumbly and plant-friendly oasis with a rototiller. Please take a look at my picks for some of the best rototillers on the market.

1. Sun Joe Rototiller

Top Pick


“This thing is a total animal. Light, easy to assemble and use, and totally blew away my expectations.”

Sun Joe is the first machine on this list that combines a cultivator and a tiller as part of a two-in-one machine. Let’s talk about the assembly first, four bolts, a couple of clips, a cord catch, and you are done! But if you are a beginner, it might take up to 20 minutes.

I tilled my 12 x 30 area in an hour as its 12-amp motor made it easy for me to cut through my yard that was clay, compacted small rocks, and small pieces of wood.

Although it bounced while tilling large rocks, either remove the large ones first or if you have many large rocks in your garden, then this one’s not for you.

Sun Joe Rototiller in action making light work of hard ground
8 best rototiller/ mini cultivator/ mini tiller

It can penetrate the soil more easily because of its six steel angled blades and efficiently churn them. It has 16-inch wide cuts and 8-inch deep cuts. A foldable handle makes it easy to store.

The Sun Joe TJ603E is a corded tiller, and at times it can become annoying as it keeps coming in the way, and you need to keep it aside, but otherwise, it was A LOT better than the other gas ones I’ve used. The best thing is it operates with a single button push.

Wheels on the tiller can be adjusted in three different positions; high, low, and none but the adjustment of the wheels setting doesn’t affect the tilling depth. Keep the wheel position ‘high’ while storing it.

  • The blades are rock solid and cut through my sprinkler head and a few more things, but they didn’t get any scratches.
  • I liked the fact that it’s electric hence there was no oil/gasoline smell
  • With being lightweight, it’s sturdy, and it helped me change the directions laterally while tilling
  • The electrical cord kept tangling, and I had to make sure it didn’t come in the way.
  • It gets a little bouncy while tilling large rocks.

2. Mantis 7940 Tiller Cultivator

Best Gas-Powered


This Mantis is our third one. Our old one was still working but we expanded our garden and needed a bigger one. It works great.”
Rita K. Riley

A thoughtfully designed tiller cultivator with plenty of power and customization options is the Mantis Tiller Cultivator. It is an update of its brother Mantis 2-Cycle 7920 Tiller cultivator and performs more efficiently than the previous version. Mantis 4-cycle has four blades and a handy kickstand which its brother 2-cycle 7920 lacked.

If you don’t want to go for my previous pick Sun Joe Rototiller because it was electric and its cord will keep coming in the way, then the Mantis 7490 is your best bet as it is a gas-powered rototiller that doesn’t need any cord to operate.

I was happy it didn’t require any fuel mixing and took 2-3 pulls to start. The engine was super quiet and ran an hour long with a small gas tank. The handles were manageable, and it was lightweight overall.

The soil I tilled was slightly wet, but it came well. Even compacted soil can be broken by this 25cc engine that spins the tines at 240 RPM.

8 Best Rototiller/ Mini Cultivator/ Mini Tiller
8 best rototiller/ mini cultivator/ mini tiller

This mini-tiller has a finger-controllable throttle that lets you control speed easily, which our previous competitor, Sun Joe Rototiller, lacks. To adjust the depth, flip the tines from ten inches to two to three inches so that you are tilling at a shallow depth. The tines are easy to clean.

This little fighter isn’t made for tilling new grounds as gardens but for established gardens only. In addition to ergonomically flared handles, its infinite speed control, a kickstand, and a folding option for easy storage make it the best rototiller.

  • It is easy to store as it has fold-down handles and takes up less space
  • It tills easily between the plants where bigger tillers can’t till
  • This Mantis machine has a Honda engine, and Honda is famous for its durability.
  • The blades and axels were catching the weeds and grass a little bit
  • The manual’s directions were unclear, so assembling it might take a while.

3. Troy-Bilt Garden Tiller Cultivator

Best for Beginners


“I have experienced a lot of tillers, but I am sold on the Troy-Bilt rear tine type tillers they’re just easier to use.”
Aunt Bea

Troy-Bilt’s cultivators are powered by an electric motor that rotates the blades, making it easier than ever to cultivate with just the press of a button.

It is an electric rototiller, so I had to buy an extension and a cord to cover up my whole area and make sure it didn’t come in the way. Its size was perfect for my small yard, and I’ spot-tilled’ my garden bed. You can easily grab it by the handle and till the corner areas so well.

Its 6.5-amp electric motor and 6-9 inch adjustable tilling width will have you preparing the soil in no time.
The four forward-rotating tines are perfect for tilling gardens, turning soil up to 5 inches deep. But I won’t recommend this mini tiller for hard grounds with large rocks.

8 Best Rototiller/ Mini Cultivator/ Mini Tiller
8 best rototiller/ mini cultivator/ mini tiller

I have Bermuda grass, and it kept coming in the tines, so I have to clean them most of the time. Make sure to cut off the connection before cleaning the tines. Also, the axles get hot, so do it safely.

I am a little shorter than average height, and it was almost my size, so I had little trouble carrying it through. It can work for you if you are 5″ and longer.

With its advanced 3-way tines, this handy tool dug, tore, and turned soil efficiently. Its lightweight and comfortable design made it easy to till my garden. It’s the perfect solution for any home gardener (like me) looking for a sturdy machine to tackle tilling.

  • I liked the fact that tines can be removed easily for cleaning
  • It auto shuts off if it gets too hot, and I find it a very useful and thoughtful feature
  • The cord is wrapped through, and the cord keeper makes it easy to handle the cord
  • It is tough to use on rocky ground and is built for small yards
  • If you are short-armed (like me), then you might face trouble managing it

4. Tazz Front Tine Tiller

Tazz Front Line Tiller


“This machine is a real beast. I’m really glad I bought it. For a small 3hp machine it really gets the job done. I recommend this.”

Tazz Front Tine Tiller is a gas-powered rototiller, and the main thing that sold me about this tiller is that it can easily turn it into a mini cultivator by removing outer tines toolless.

As an added bonus, the steel-constructed handlebar has four height adjustment settings, letting you adjust the handle height according to yours. So, If you didn’t go for my previous pick due to its long height, then Tazz tiller/cultivator can be the best pick for you.

With its 79cc Viper engine, It broke the hard soil in my garden, which weren’t able to do. I bought this on my friend’s recommendation as he tilled the new soil effortlessly with this beast. It has four different height positions and will let you till up to 11″ deep.

8 Best Rototiller/ Mini Cultivator/ Mini Tiller
8 best rototiller/ mini cultivator/ mini tiller

There is a lot of digging power with adjustable tines, which I am impressed with. If you want a narrow path, you can use two tines, whereas if you want a much wider path, you can use all four tines.

The tiller was balanced enough so that I did not have to hold onto the handle as I did with other tillers. With a bronze gear transmission and forged steel tines, this tiller is the right choice for your rocky soil, as it didn’t get damaged after hitting a couple of large rocks in my garden

  • It can work to build a new garden area and destroys thick weed roots too
  • Sturdy tires provide a better grip in clay soil
  • The engine will automatically shut off if you lock up with rocks
  • It was difficult for me to assemble even though I am mechanically inclined
  • In areas with heavy vegetation, you might need a second pass

5. Honda Rotating Gas Mini Tiller-Cultivator

Best Honda Gas Tiller


“I’m an old girl. (75!) Today I used my new Honda tiller in my garden and I LOVE IT! I was able to till the garden and I’ll be planting soon! Great tiller!!!!!”


Honda never disappoints, so I was expecting the same from this tiller. It starts in the first or second pull, plus it was very lightweight as it weighed only 25 pounds. As a bonus, it does not require a fuel/oil blend.

I was impressed with its four heavy-duty, forward-rotating metal tines with a hybrid construction for strength and optimal performance. I liked how Honda thought about safety and added a front-engine guard. It is most suitable for soft soil or soil that has been broken up from a larger tiller; I won’t recommend it for breaking new ground.

8 Best Rototiller/ Mini Cultivator/ Mini Tiller
8 best rototiller/ mini cultivator/ mini tiller

I tilled my 25’x45′ garden in 15 minutes with its 4-stroke engine and 9-inch tilling width. It was very easy to handle and worked well in hard-packed dirt too.

It was a little louder than other tillers, so I had to wear earplugs. Plus, I’ll recommend you remove the large weeds with a grass cutter to avoid the machine getting stalled by weeds wrapping around the tines. This little Honda beast is a bit pricey but gets the job done more than any other gas tiller.

  • It comes with optional attachments
  • I loved the fact that it can be used as a cultivator too
  • Honda engine
  • It’s better to wet the garden before using it because the dust can clog the carburetor
  • The tines catch weeds

6. Earthquake 31635 Mini Tiller Cultivator



This is a quality product across the board – from the way it’s packaged to its ease of assembly, and o-up and operation.”
Burton R. Clark

Fairly I didn’t have any higher expectations from Earthquake 31635 Mini Tiller Cultivator, but it proved me wrong.
First of all, I liked the handle’s construction; it’s easier to pick it up and carry it to the garden.

I wanted to keep the spacing shorter as I wanted more plants in my garden; this mini-tiller was perfect for this job.
It works better when I drag it in reverse rather than forward because it breaks up the ground well. It was extremely lightweight and did a great job on even my compacted soil.

8 Best Rototiller/ Mini Cultivator/ Mini Tiller
8 best rototiller/ mini cultivator/ mini tiller

With this two-cycle mini-tiller, you can cultivate weed, and mulch, mix in fertilizer, and aerate a variety of pre-tilled soils. The Earthquake Mini Cultivator is designed for small gardens and patios.

I had difficulty removing weeds and grasses since they wind around the blades. (I used a long plier to pull them out). I adjusted the onboard wheels to establish the most convenient depth I wanted.

  • The tines are adjustable
  • It is easier to handle and store
  • It was very easy to assemble, and the instructions were clear
  • The screws are low quality, and I had to change them afterward
  • The plastic case was not securely attached to the unit

7. Super Handy Mini Tiller Cultivator



“My husband wanted this for a garden so I ordered it and he loves it says it is easy to handle better than the normal size tillers”

I tilled my soil with this Super handy Mini tiller cultivator, leaving me surprised. I used it to till my garden and loosen up compacted soil, which worked great for both tasks. Although it was a little hard to assemble, as the instructions were not very clear.

But Its 3Hp 50cc Gasoline 2 Stroke OHV Engine mixes up the soil and turns it over in less time. The tiller quickly mixed the leaves, grass clippings, sand, and wood chips with the soil over almost a foot of leaves. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the tiller to handle the load so effortlessly.

This is the best tiller at an affordable price; if you want to avoid corded tillers, you can go with it. It requires fuel mixing, and I mixed fuel and gas with the mentioned ratio.

The other thing I loved about this product was that it came with wheels. It is less noisy and less vibrational than super handy’s other tillers.

  • Removes small weeds well
  • It had a mud shield protector to protect it from any debris kickback
  • It came with wheels included
  • It had an unreliable startup pull cord, and it feels that the pull cord has less tension
  • Lack of assembly instructions

8. Snapper Electric Cultivator/Tiller

Snapper XD82V Cordless Electric Cultivator


“I use this product to till up my backyard and what a job it did this is a little champ of a cordless tiller and works very well I’m glad I got it.”
L Murdock

I bought a cordless Snapper Electric Cultivator/Tiller because it is battery-powered. I was so over electric cords kept coming in the way or mixing the fuels in electric and gas-powered rototillers.

I bought two 82V batteries with a speed charger separately and let them charge for 30 minutes. It worked for 30 minutes straight, and I had to charge it after that. It is good for previously worked soil, and I won’t recommend using it for breaking new soil. The torque is good, and it handled my soil very well.

8 Best Rototiller/ Mini Cultivator/ Mini Tiller
8 best rototiller/ mini cultivator/ mini tiller

A powerful engine was installed in the tool since it was designed for compact soils. It also features rotating tines for quick, efficient work. Although, I wasn’t able to adjust the handle’s length and had to remove the wheels as they lacked the flip-up wheels.

  • It is battery-powered so that you can forget about the cord for 30 minute
  • It is very suitable for compacted soils
  • No tools are required for assembling.
  • Lacks flip-up wheel function
  • Hard to start sometimes.

How to Choose the Best Rototiller

Rototillers can be useful tools for cultivation. It has a very high-speed rotating blade, known as tines, that digs up the soil. There are different sizes of these machines, but a mini tiller is perfect for small yards and gardens.

However, people often forget to consider various important factors while buying a product for their garden and end up buying something that is not right for them.  You’ll always need the model that best suits your needs, no matter whether it’s a trimmer or rototiller. I’m going to discuss a few of the important features of a small garden mini tiller that you should consider before purchasing one.


The most important thing is to determine what size you need. This can be determined by measuring the area where you plan to use the tiller. The mini-tiller can be used in small gardens up to 100  m2 (1,076 ft2 ).

As suggested by its name, mini rototillers are suitable for small yards and gardens. These tillers are not suitable for large gardens and yards. Small dimensions of the tiller are ideal for people with lesser upper body strength. For larger areas, a tiller with 5-6 horsepower is recommended.

Type of Soil

The type of soil in which you will work should also be considered. It is good to get a heavier and bigger tiller if the soil is hard or if there are lots of rocks. To avoid wasting your time and money, make sure the one you are considering can cope with rocks or hard soil. A small, lightweight tiller will be able to do the job effectively if your soil is very soft and there will be no rocks.


There are three types of tines to choose from and each has its purpose. A bolo-tinted cultivator will be a good choice for deep tilling if you are looking for a tiller.

A slasher tine is the right choice for cutting thick roots or weeds. Last but not least is the pick and chisel tine. It can handle unknown soil types very well, designed for use in rocky soil.


A good tiller isn’t just about the tines. When choosing a tiller, you also need to consider the engine. These engines come in two types: gas-powered engines and electric engines.

Choosing a tiller depends entirely on your preferences and where you intend to use it. It is better to choose a gas-powered tiller if a cord is not practical. The location of the engine is also important. The motor should be placed over the tines for maximum digging performance.


The Sun Joe Electric Mini tiller is an unmatched option for individuals looking for an extremely powerful electrical corded tiller. 

But if you don’t want to handle the cord, you might go for the gas-operated Mantis 7940 Tiller Cultivator. I also recommend Snapper Electric Cultivator/Tiller if you have a knack for battery-powered rototillers.

All the mini tillers I recommended in the above list can be used only for small gardens and not-so-hard soil. If you want to till/cultivate a larger area or break the new soil, you should consider large tillers built for those purposes.

The best rototiller can help you save a lot of time and energy, as well as keep your garden successfully maintained. Make sure you consider the size of your garden, the soil, and how you intend to use your tiller.


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