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8 Best Soaker Hose Systems Reviewed

Lately, I have been having difficulty maintaining my backyard lawn due to my busy summer schedule. And I am pretty sure many gardeners, like myself, find watering the most time-consuming chore. Watering plants requires continuous movement to ensure that each gets enough water.

8 best soaker hose systems reviewed

As a new gardener, I wanted an irrigation system that would be easy to set up and then leave to operate. I was relieved when my neighbor told me about soaker hoses.

You can revive your dead lawn and avoid the stressful chore of watering the plants by using a soaker hose. It is easy, cost-effective, and much more gentle for young plants to use a soaker hose irrigation system for gardening and farming.

Instead of dripping water out of holes like drip irrigation (as with sprinklers) or shooting water out of each hole, a soaker hose slowly lets water flow out of the entire length. It gradually waters the soil, allowing it to absorb moisture over a long period.

There are many kinds of hoses, but not all are the same because you need efficient water yet cost-effective ones. In this post, I will review 8 of the best soaker hoses and offer recommendations on what to look for when making your purchase. By the end, I guarantee you guys will be able to choose the one that suits your needs.

Our Top Picks: 8 Best Soaker Hoses

As part of my search for the best soaker hose on Amazon, I checked several options. The eight products listed below are among the best soaker hoses on the market that at least worked for me. Before starting, I suggest you guys determine your gardening needs while choosing the proper soaker hose.

1. Water Right Hose SKR 5Best Portable Soaker Hose

Top Pick
Water right hose skr-5


“After many attempts to find a good soaker hose, I finally broke down and spent the money on this one. I’m glad that I did because this hose offers consistent soaking and slight misting.”
J.P. Small

If you are afraid of watering through a hose just because you thought you might be unable to set up those bully hoses and pots. However, the Water Right Hose SKR5 will prove you wrong. 

This is the best soaker hose on the market, the Water Right Hose SKR5. The best thing about this soaker hose that I loved is that the hose is available in 25, 50, and 100 ft lengths so you can buy one according to your lawn measurements.

I watered my garden using it and concluded that this hose is free of any kinks and can keep up with your most unruly garden designs without hassle!

I have a few dogs in the backyard, and they often end up chewing those regular soaker hoses. But because this soaker hose is coated in soft microcellular polyurethane foam, dogs try to avoid it. 

I wanted a hose that wouldn’t deteriorate while I let it out in the direct sunlight. I kept it in the backyard for about a month, and it is still running as new as ever.

The hose is built to last with its heavy-duty connectors designed to resist corrosion. The connectors were machined brass chrome plated for long life, split-free performance, and a great look.

This soaker hose was durable and lasted years, was very easy to carry and I loved the flexibility it offered.

I don’t have anything odd to share about this one except for the price, which is indeed premium. But hey guys, remember you get what you pay for, so here you are getting some premium service, so why not invest in this one?

  • Can withstand higher water pressure
  • Chrome plated brass fittings that won’t tarnish
  • Available in different sizes
  • Costs a little too much

2. Melnor Flat Soaker Garden Hose– Best Budget

Best Flat Soaker Hose
Melnor flat soaker garden hose


“I connected 2 soaker hoses and I have pretty much even flow of water from beginning to end. I had to round off the corners since the hose tends to bend sharply, but overall, one of the best I’ve used.”

Being a gardener on a budget is not something as easy as it may sound. You have to look out for some best budget products without spending much! I would never want you guys to go through this hassle, so let me introduce you to the best budget soaker hose, the Melnor flat soaker garden hose.

I believe Melnor’s flat soaker garden hose is the perfect addition to any backyard gardening setup. You can rely on the robust design for long-term use regardless of weather conditions.

What I like the most here is that the tubes are one inch in diameter, and it comes in two 50-foot packs. I was able to water my garden for up to 100 feet with two 50-foot hoses included. 

Moreover, the included rust-resistant end cap allowed me to connect multiple hoses simultaneously. Even though my backyard isn’t that huge, I guess this feature would be impressive for those who have spacious gardens and don’t want to miss even a single spot.

Soaker hose dripping the water

Another thing that I loved about this soaker hose is that it comes with a water timer. I went on to turn on the timer on the hose to water my garden for additional flexibility. No more reminders to water your plants!

So with this soaker hose, the manufacturer claimed it needs a water pressure of at least 25 psi. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice anything significant with the water pressure, but it is a budget soaker hose, so I was already expecting that. The water pressure for me was tremendous until it reached 5 feet; after that, it dropped off.

For most soaker hoses, especially those that are short in length, I suggest ensuring that the water pressure (psi) does not exceed 30 psi. The pressure will be too high, and the hose will rupture. Remember not to connect other devices to the hose, such as a yard sprinkler, as they will require higher psi.I did this mistake and they were eventually causing blowouts.

I recommend utilizing a pressure regulator, which you can get from Amazon or any local hardware store. If you’re like me and have water carried into the house from the water company (rather than well water), you should use one. The hose started dripping water steadily when I tried running it at low pressure. However, for me, the major drawback here was the frequent kinks this soaker hose had. I purchased this hose last year during winter, and now this year, it isn’t giving me the performance it previously did.

  • Easy to place and store due to its snuggly design
  • Can cover a larger area
  • Ideal for raised vegetable beds
  • Does not come with a storage bag

3. Teknor Apex Soaker Hose, 25-Feet

Best Soil Soaker Hose
Teknor apex soaker hose, 25-feet


“This thing works really well. Surprising how much water it can put out when you turn it up. Plus the water comes out in a uniform manner. Just as important is how lank it is. You can turn some pretty sharp corners without comprising the ability to water.”
Vic Romano

Apex Soaker Hose is a premium vinyl hose that’s soft, flexible, and easy to use while laying the pattern you want. I found this one as the best soaker for raised garden beds because they are usually a headache to water, and this one made my chore a lot easier.

Moreover, the Teknor Apex Soaker Hose is 25 feet long and is made of soft, easy-to-use vinyl. The 5/8-inch diameter of this soaker makes it ideal for vegetable gardens, seedlings, or even small backyards.

Apart from the design, machine-punched holes on this soaker hose reduced leaks and offered a better flow.

It has been used in my small garden since the day I received it and appears to be watering plants properly along its entire length. I have mine at the end of 100 feet of ordinary hose and up a 6.5-foot wall with no problems.

This soaker hose equally spread the water all the way to the end of the hose. It always gets kinked because it is thin, but I was able to prevent kinks by making sure it had enough turning space.

Teknor soaker hose tangled

 Additionally, I had this hose work well with low water pressure, and it did not crack or bulge under extreme weather conditions. I would say this soaker hose would work well for small and compact lawns or gardens. But if you have a huge lawn to water, then look out for something else.

  • Long-lasting material of highest quality.
  • Distributes water evenly.
  • 7 year warranty
  • A bit bulky as compared to others

4. LINEX Garden Soaker Hose – Best Low-Pressure

Best Low-Maintenance Soaker Hose
Linex garden soaker hose


“This irrigation tape actually works. Will water from one end to the other. The round drip hoses just do not seem to actually water anything anymore. Never seems to get the drips to the end. This soaker hose works. It is very flexible and easy to weave in and around the plants.”
David J. Ramsey

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, easy-to-use LONGER best soaker hose that saves you time and money, then LINEX is the best soaker Hose for you. Using this patented low-pressure soaker hose, I watered plants and vegetables with a leak rate of 2 gallons per 2 minutes at standard 60 PSI, outperforming the competition by a long shot. With LINEX Garden Soaker Hose, I no longer have to worry about the uneven distribution of water! I could take it up to 150 ft which is perfect for garden watering.

My linex garden soaker hose in my brown lawn

t can withstand up to 60 psi of water pressure without breaking. The end caps are made of high-quality corrosion-resistant material that allows you to connect to other hoses if you have a larger lawn. Its 1/2-inch diameter was perfect for my faucet and hose threads.

The most excellent part is the abundant water flow! It isn’t a wimpy soaker that barely gets wet up to an inch or two; instead, it provides a substantial soaking to an area of around six inches on either side of the hose. 

Overall, I liked this hose because it operates how it is described. However, one thing about this hose is that It’s difficult to move around because of the extended length.

It is longer than others I’ve tried, and it keeps consistent water flow throughout the entire length. It has been exposed to the Northern Nevada sun for a season with no signs of cracking or deteriorating. 

However, one thing that I would like to complain about here is that this hose is not flat. And because of this reason, it is not as convenient as flat soak hoses.

  • Solid construction for a flat soaker hose
  • Durable PVC material with metal fittings
  • It is not as compact as flat soaker hoses

5. Green Mount Soaker Hose  – Best Soaker Hose

Best PVC Soaker Hose
Green mount soaker hose


“Bought a dozen for my garden this year. Wonderful product so far. Trying to eliminate weeds. This is my goal for many years. They still came up around the hoses, mostly. I bought a wiggle hoe from Home Depot to deal with them. I have used PVC hoses before and they last a decade or more.”
Bruce E Porter

I found the Green Mount soaker hose as one of the best soaker hoses available in the marketplace. Now, there are several reasons behind this huge claim; keep on reading to know all about this amazing soaker hose.

At first, unrolling the hose seemed like a hectic job to me. Because the hose is bulky, opening it to work can take you some good time. It turned out that it straightened itself by soaking up the heat from the sun, thanks to a friend who suggested it.

It is tightly coiled and will not lay flat in your yard unless you roll it out. The most crucial step is to cover the hose with at least 2 inches of mulch. If you turn on the water, the hose stretches and becomes exposed to light and heat.

Plants can absorb the moisture if at least 2″ of mulch is on top of it. Otherwise, evaporation will cause you to lose too much water.

Water was distributed evenly along the entire length of the hose. Water hookups should not be extended beyond 1 or 2 feet because they flood the area where the soaker hose makes contact with the ground. 

They don’t spray water everywhere like some others hoses I’ve used, but rather weep gently onto the plants. I used those little wire clips to secure them where I wanted them. I first dried them in the sun to remove the curves caused by the curled-up hose. They operate perfectly, and I am incredibly pleased with them.

The hose is made from PVC, which is the most durable and flexible type of plastic. This type of plastic is water-resistant, UV-resistant, and can withstand higher temperatures. Additionally, it is an eco-friendly, lightweight best soaker hose that is easy to use, store, and transport. 

With a 1/2-inch thickness, I could roll up the hose for easy storage. The kink-free design allowed me to take the water where it needed to go without worrying about it getting tangled or staying bent.

The patented system delivers water at a rate of 2 gallons every two minutes, outperforming many other brands. The water keeps flowing through the whole length of the hose, spreading evenly between all your plants.

Flattening my green mount soaker hose

I was all happy with the hose until I discovered that the brass connectors had a concentration of lead in them. This was a huge turnoff for me, but if you are okay with that, you can go on with your purchase.

  • Designed to be anticorrosion and UV resistant
  • Easy to store due to compact design
  • Easily bends to fit the garden
  • Some lead concentration in brass connectors

6. H2O WORKS Flat Soaker Hose  – Best Flat Soaker Hose

Best High Pressure Soaker Hose


“We ordered 2 flat soaker hoses. They were light and easy to put in place. One was in a straight line the other had to curve around the plants and garden. We like the blue color because it is a protective feature that makes it easier to avoid while working. Even though one of the original hoses failed, H2O stood behind the product and immediately replaced it. This is just as important as the hose. We will definitely make future orders with complete confidence. Kudos to H2O”

I have been a massive fan of flat soaker hoses because they are easy to unroll and convenient to put into use. 

The H2O works garden flat soaker hose is just the perfect flat hose for your garden.

The soaker hose can withstand high water pressure of up to 60 psi and won’t crack like other hoses. What I liked the most here is that they’re flexible, and thanks to their flat design, they’re practically invisible once they’re filled with water.

The soaker hose measures 1/2 inch in diameter and 50 feet in length. The one-of-a-kind design of a round soaker hose has weeping holes on all sides for maximum watering coverage. The hose flattens once again when it’s time to store it for easy rolling.

They lie flat when empty, making it simple to cover them with mulch to keep them out of the hot sun. The blue color of the hose makes it more visible when gardening, making it less likely to be damaged by lawn mowing or trimming accidents.

My flat soaker hose dripping water

H2O WORKS Heavy Duty Garden Hose is made from UV-protected materials to withstand the harshest conditions. It’s also equipped with durable brass end couplings to provide you with years of service without breaking down.

Because many of my previous hoses would just have PVC couplings, they would melt up in the sun. However, with this one, I have nothing to worry about as the couplings are of brass. The metal coupler also makes connecting and disconnecting from the main water hose or spigot simple.

Several hoses I’ve tried are quite delicate and can easily snap, especially when the temperature drops. I’ve also had issues with hoses that let out a lot of water near the hose connection but very little at the finish. 

This hose appears to be pretty sturdy and is not difficult to put down, but most importantly, it offers a smooth, even flow across the entire 50′ length. I also used extremely low water pressure because I saw some concerns about the hose exploding. It works nicely at low pressure, and I haven’t had any problems after a few weeks of use.

  • Can connect to multiple hoses
  • Can be stored flat, but expands with pressure
  • Protected against UV light
  • The flow control filter may fall out

7. BUYOOKAY 100ft Soaker Hose

Best 100ft Soaker Hose


“This soaker hose allows me to keep my plants alive even while I am traveling – which is a lot. I really like a low-maintenance yet productive outdoor space. I converted our front yard into an edible landscape and using a soaker hose is the main difference between life and death for this Arizona space.”
Sunshine Mel

Keep your garden green and healthy with BUYOOKAY’s 100ft Soaker Hose. This hose is made from a flexible rubber material stretched out or coiled around a base to water your plants evenly.

To make it softer, place it in the sun for 30 minutes before using it. Uncoiling a hose is the most annoying part while I am having a gardening day. However, this soaker hose was easy to uncoil as soon as it was warm since it is made from flexible recycled rubber. This black, 100-foot soaker hose contains UV protectants, so it is supple and robust even under direct sunlight. 

This 100-foot-long hose is half-inch in diameter and had no kinks, making it easier to lay and use. 

My buyookay soaker hose in my patio

Additionally, the most fun part was that I could create complex watering configurations by cutting the BUYOOKAY hose and connecting it to internal hose adapters and clamps, which allowed me to set up a custom drip irrigation system.

But the package itself didn’t come with clamps, so you probably have to purchase them. Overall I like that It features a non-clogging porous design for even, thorough watering. The 100ft size seemed perfect for my garden to water across multiple rows of plants and keep it looking beautiful all season long.

  • Flexible, recycled rubber makes this 100ft soaker hose durable and flexible.
  • UV protection ensures hose suppleness.
  • Does not kink or twist around bushes
  • Needs sun to soften and straighten before use

8. One-Stop Gardens Flat Soaker Hose

Best Flow Control Soaker Hose
One stop gardens flat soaker hose


“I’ve used these hoses all summer and they work great. One thing I want to mention is DO NOT let these hoses deal with a freeze. We had a quick freeze happen when we were out of town, one night barely below freezing, but it created multiple cracks that I’m chasing down.”
Jerry Rice

Attachments and various heads don’t excite me until and unless I had to choose a soaker hose for my garden. I wanted to purchase a soaker hose that would come with features like controlling the water flow.

In the meantime, I was at a dinner at my friend’s place, and he instantly introduced me to the One Stop Gardens flat soaker hose which is one of the best adjustable soaking hoses out there.

Like honestly, in my tests and trials of finding the best soaker hose, I never came across one that gives users the ability to control the speed of water coming from the fixture and how it distributes water to plants. 

I believe this durable soaker hose is a must-have for any gardener since its flat design prevents it from becoming twisted or coiled. And the best part is that it doesn’t cost too much.

Moreover, the hose is 50 feet long and has three different water restrictors that allow you to control the water flow rate from your fixture. The largest one restricts water most, while the smallest one restricts the least. If you’re looking for a reliable watering system, this is it!

As empty, the hose is fabric-covered and flat, but it inflates when water flows through it. If it is not in a straight line while filling and draining, it tends to kink when the water is switched back on, and the water flow is interrupted until the kink is straightened.

I was a bit curious to find out whether the hose would work well around roses or not. So I laid this hose around my wife’s rose garden, and she was the happiest. There were a few leaks here and there, but it was still holding up well.

When positioned with landscape staples, nylon hoses work well for winding around new and established beds to prevent damaging young plants and seedlings if they shift. Everything worked perfectly here except for the couplings that are made of PVC. 

There might be a drawback if you install this hose in direct sunlight, but I hope it won’t be a deal breaker for most people.

  • Durable nylon soaker hose with 50 feet of flexibility
  • Easily winds around shrubs
  • Featuring three restriction washers for adjusting flow
  • Fitted with plastic couplings

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Soaker Hose

Some features set the best soaker hose apart from the average soaker hose. Consider these features when choosing a soaker hose for your gardening needs.


Despite differences in brands and features, most soaker hoses are made from recycled tires. Rubber tires are often solid and durable. Additionally, they can withstand harsh elements found in the soil.

Polyurethane and vinyl are also suitable materials for the best soaker hose. The UV and ozone resistance of polyurethane soaker hoses make them durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Be sure to choose a food-safe soaker hose material in addition to choosing a durable one.


Hoses can be bought flat or rounded. The round-ended soaker hoses last longer but are harder to store. While, the flat soaker hoses can be stored easily, saving space. In addition, the flat design hose does not bulge out when installed like rounded ones. The only challenge with this hose is that the plastic cracks after just a few seasons.

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A soaker hose should be of the appropriate length for the garden. The right size will allow you to cover the general garden area without wasting water. You can buy hoses ranging from 25 feet to 100 feet in length. These hoses can also be daisy-chained to adjust their size.

Water Pressure

Soaker hoses should withstand water pressures between 40 psi and 45 psi. Hose diameter determines the water pressure. It takes more water per minute to fill up a tube with a wider diameter. However, narrower soakers will do the trick more efficiently if you care for plants that require less water and are laid out on the flat ground.

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Types Of Soaker Hose

You can find the best soaker hose for the garden as a weeper, drip, and sprinkler hose. Each of these hoses is explained in detail below.

Weeper Hose

A weeper hose has a porous surface that waters the lawn through its entire length. It is made of a rubber material and contains visible pores along the length. Water seeps through the hose slowly and steadily whenever the tap is turned on.

Weeper hose is the best soaker hose for garden with water flower beds. These hoses are known to water soil directly without wasting any water. 

Drip Hose

A drip hose is another best soaker hose that waters your lawn while conserving water use. This kind of hose is also known as a drip line. These hoses deliver water directly to the plant roots in a precise manner.

With a drip hose, you will have a flexible tube with emitters or drippers at defined intervals. It is the best soaker hose for water orchids, vegetable gardens, or landscape beds. 

Sprinkler Hose

The sprinkler hose is the most common and the best soaker hose for larger orchards. As the name suggests, it is a perforated hose that sprays water in a pattern. With these hoses, you get to have slits or spaced holes. Lastly, a sprinkler hose is the best soaker hose for a huge garden

Flat vs Round Soaker Hose Which One Is Better?

The debate of flat vs round soaker hose is long, and it will go on for an unknown time. A round soaker hose is much better than a flat soaker hose because a round soaker hose is made from high-quality material on the exterior, which prevents it from damage. 

Additionally, a round soaker hose comes with high-pressure ratings compared to a flat soaker hose. However, one thing that makes the flat vs round soaker hose battle in favour of flat ones is its size. A flat soaker hose might not be as pressurized as the round one, but they are surely lighter and easier to carry around. 

However, to decide between flat vs round soaker hose easier, we have mentioned some of their quick pros and cons below.

Flat Soaker Hose

Why you should go for it?

  • A flat soaker is more flexible and easier to adjust around packed areas.
  • Such hoses have low profiles and can be covered easily with soil.
  • Flat soaker hoses provide consistent water distribution.

Why you shouldn’t go for it?

Flat soaker hoses provide limited coverage.

  • These hoses are narrow and can often require adjustments.

Round Soaker Hose

Why you should go for it?

  • Round soaker hoses prove a wide coverage.
  • Such hoses are thicker and are less prone to damage.
  • With round soaker hoses, you can expect high water pressure.

Why you shouldn’t go for it?

  • Round soaker hoses need to be more flexible.
  • Round hoses can be bulkier, and it is hard to cover them with soil.


How I Tested The Soaker Hoses

I relied upon my garden to test out each of the eight soaker hoses. Because my garden is huge, it has various plants, including a rose garden and some lavender plants. Therefore, it was an excellent place to test and try these soaker hoses.

First, I ensured all the soaker hoses came with their necessary accessories. No, I am not talking about additional tools, but I am talking about couplings or other hardware like clamps. 

I used each of the soaker hoses one by one in my garden at different locations. At first, I started with the straight line position and checked the water flow. I even noticed the water pressure and spread at this point. 

Next, I tried arranging the hoses in a zigzag motion to check whether the water flow remained consistent. Because my garden has a lot of plants, I wanted to make sure the hoses work well in the flow. Lastly, I arranged the soaker hoses in a spiral direction to check whether the turns affected the water flow.

To check whether the soaker hoses are convenient, I tried to have them move along my lawn. Also, I tested whether they are easy to unroll or not and whether they require sunlight to open up or they can be easily spread out.

Moreover, I also made sure to check the couplings on each of the soaker hoses. Many of them had these PVC couplings, while others were made of metal or brass.

I tried to have them in sunlight or harsh conditions to test their durability. 

The testing process was hectic because I tried and tested every aspect of the soaker hoses. However, this was an excellent way to determine whether the soaker hoses present here are worth your money or not. 


Soaker hoses are available in several different brands and options. My favorite soaker hose is the Water Right House SKR 5. Due to its polyurethane construction, it is more durable and long-lasting.

Additionally, it is chrome-plated and lead-free. As a result, BPA and phthalates are not produced, so the plant can be eaten and remains healthy.


How Does the Efficiency of Water Usage Compare Between the Different Soaker Hose Systems?

The efficiency of water usage compared between different soaker hose systems can vary. A weeper hose waters the lawn in slow and steady action. On the other hand, a drip hose works on the dripping mechanism. Finally, a sprinkler hose sprays water on lawns. In short, all of these hoses have their own pros and cons.

How Do the Costs of the Various Soaker Hose Systems Compare?

The costs of different soaker hose systems can vary based on several factors, including materials, features, and durability. By understanding these variations, you can select a system that aligns with your budget while meeting your watering needs effectively.

Are There Any Soaker Hose Systems Suitable for Larger Gardens?

Yes, soaker hose systems are available and suitable for larger gardens. When considering larger-scale gardening projects, choosing a round soaker hose system that can cover extensive areas while providing efficient and uniform watering is essential. 

How Durable Are the Soaker Hose?

The durability of various soaker hoses can vary. A round soaker hose is typically more durable and costs more as well. However, a vinyl or flat soaker hose is less durable and bulky but available on a budget.

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