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About Us

What Belogarden Offers

Heartily Welcome to Belogarden!

If you are always looking for something new to do with the garden. You are in the right place!

Whether it’s planting a raised garden bed on your lawn or wanting to see your favorite hibiscus blooming, Belogarden has got you covered.

On this site, you’ll find the latest gardening hacks and DIY projects to make gardening more interesting and less chore for you!

Here at Belogarden, I want to provide you with all the garden-related information you might ever need.

If you are looking for a rototiller, want to remove weed permanently, ever wondered what tools you need to install turf, or as a novice gardener, you are not sure about the difference between a lawn edger and a lawn trimmer, it’s all here.

I wanted to help new gardeners as much as I can. I also like to talk about my experiences in the garden, therefore I decided to start Belogarden so I could share comprehensive reviews of the best products, how-to guides, and informational articles to help you with your lawn care.

So here it is! I started the Belogarden website to help every new gardener with gardening tools and how to use them, chemicals to use, houseplants, garden pests, and everything I’ve learned. I also hope to introduce other gardeners to share their knowledge here so everyone can reap the benefits.

I hope you enjoy your visit and invite you to look through all the current gardening articles here.

About us

Who Are The Belogarden Gardeners?

Alice belock
About us

Hi, my name is Alice Belock.

I made Belogarden when gardening became my new hobby. I began keeping houseplants several years ago, but they barely survived for a month or two.

I was so sad about that I stopped keeping houseplants and started a new hobby, gardening.

Gardening was new to me as I used to hire services to take care of my lawn. Then I started researching A LOT!

I was always asking questions to my gardener friends and there was a lot of googling before my garden started thriving! I had to test everything to see what worked and what did not.

By the way, just if you are wondering about the name of this site then let me tell you, I came up with BeloGarden for two reasons.

Belo(w) Garden is very important as we all know, because that is where all the goodness is to grow your plants, and the other reason, Belo is part of my last name. So there you have it, mystery solved 😉