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6 Best Plastic Water Tank For Gardening

You can’t garden without water, and you can’t store enough water in a barrel or bucket.

You need a plastic water tank that can hold plenty of water—and one that’s built to last!

As a gardening enthusiast, I know that having the right tools is essential to success. That’s why I decided to write this guide on plastic garden water tanks and their uses in gardening.

You’ll find everything from how much water your garden needs to what types of containers work best for your particular situation.

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Top picks: Best Plastic Water Tanks Available

Plastic water tanks come in different sizes; you can choose one that best suits your needs and budget. The following are a few of the best plastic water tanks available today.

1. 100 Gallon Emergency Water Storage Tank

Best plastic water tank

This 100-gallon emergency water storage tank is made from UV-stabilized plastic, so it won’t degrade over time and will still be there when you need it. It can store up to 100 gallons of water with its 30″D x 42″H dimensions.

It also has a lid size of 8″ and inlet and outlet sizes of 0.75″ so you can easily access the water supply. The tank is blue to match the rest of your emergency equipment!

It reduces algae growth, making it ideal for drinking water storage and providing protection against leaks and breakage during transport or installation. You can use it for irrigation purposes or just to keep around in case of an unexpected rainstorm!

The class 300 pallet weight means that it’s not too heavy to move around on its own or with help from another person. At 45 pounds, this product is the perfect size for storing water near where you live or work without taking up too much space or becoming too inconvenient when moving around town during an emergency!

  • Cost efficient
  • Effortless and quick installation
  • Rugged, strong, and reliable
  • This tank is narrow, so it’s difficult to maintain and clean.

2. 5 Gallon Flat Bottom Utility Tank

Best plastic water tank

The A-SP0005-RT five-gallon flat bottom utility tank is a great choice for anyone looking to store water up to 5 gallons. It weighs 5 lbs only with dimensions 10″L x 22″W x 8″H.

This tank has an innovative design that combines metal fabrication and molding to create a durable and affordable product. The flat bottom allows this tank to sit upright on its own, so you don’t have to worry about having enough space in your lawn or garden.

It also features gallon indicators so you can easily see how much liquid is inside at any given time. This product comes with a 5″ lid, allowing easy access when filling or emptying the tank. The lid also features an integrated vent, which helps prevent spills during transport.

It is made with FDA-compliant polyethylene resins, which means they are safe for use with food products and drinking water! You can choose from various colors or add additional fittings if needed.

  • Easy to bottom-fill.
  • Quick to install.
  • Can be moved easily.
  • Less cost (no stand needed)
  • Due to its flat bottom, the tank will keep water.

3. 250 Gallon Underground Water Cistern Storage Tank

Best plastic water tank

This 250-gallon cistern water storage tank is a great fit to store rainwater or your garden’s excess runoff. It weighs 78.52 lbs with 47″D x 56″H dimensions and 20″ Lid.

The tank is made of polyethylene and complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations 21 CFR 177.1520 (c) 3.1 and 3.2, so you know it’s safe for food and drinks! Since polyethylene is unaffected by soil chemicals, it won’t rust or corrode.

Ensure that the tank is properly vented (at least an inch should be left between the lid and the top of the cistern). Also, make sure you buy an appropriate outlet plumbing kit separately—they’re available in various sizes!

When you’re ready to install, just remember. This product is only rated for temperatures up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, so if you live in a very hot climate, we recommend installing it in an underground location that stays cool all year long!

  • Space-saving
  • Durable material perfect for underground installation
  • It holds more water than a normal water tank
  • If underground, Need to be maintained regularly

4. Fol-Da-Tank 25 Gallon Potable Pillow Tank

Best plastic water tank

The Fol-Da-Tank 25 Gallon Potable Pillow Tank is a portable, foldable water tank perfect for fire fighting, construction sites, and anywhere you need to store and transport water. It weighs only 10 lbs with 24″L x 36″W x 8″H dimensions.

This potable water pillow tank has been designed to resist chemical contamination, mildew, rot, and solar heat. It’s made of fabric NSF/ANSI 61 standard and filled with polyurethane foam with a capacity of 25 gallons. The seams are RF welded for longer life, so you can use the tanks for years.

The Fol-Da-Tank comes in eleven standard sizes and is compact enough to store easily—folding down to 18”x18”x18” when empty. Fills and empties in minutes by pump or gravity flow.

The Large 4” fill opening makes filling easy. The 1-1/2” ball valve included on tanks under 2,000 gallons also includes female threads for your convenience—it’s attached directly onto the tank, so you don’t have to worry about buying it separately! You can rely on this potable pillow tank in all kinds of weather conditions

  • Suitable for all water treatment processes
  • It is easy to set up, transport, and pack.
  • Easily rolls over on the uneven ground

5. 130 Gallon Bushman Polyethylene Slimline Rain Tank

Best plastic water tank

Looking for the best plastic water tank that’s easy to install, simple to use, and super-high quality? You’ve found it.

The Bushman BSLT-130 Polyethylene Slimline Rain Tank is a 130-gallon tank with a lid size of 16″ Vented Manway. Its dimensions are 49″L x 17″W x 50″H with weight 127 lbs.

That means you can easily access the tank and clean it without removing too much equipment (or risk getting wet). The lid comes with an inlet strainer and cover, so you’ll always have access to clean water when you need it.

The bottom outlet fitting has two 1″ female threaded outlets on either end—one for water drainage and one for accessory port installation. And if you’re worried about mosquitoes breeding in your tank? Don’t be! This product includes mosquito mesh covering the overflow assembly to keep them out.

  • Keep water cool during summertime
  • Long-term durability is possible.
  • Very expensive
  • Once constructed, it is difficult to move

6. 250 Gallon Upright Doorway Water Tank

Best plastic water tank

Looking for a water storage tank that’s as sleek as it is practical? This 250-gallon upright doorway water tank is perfect for you with its 62″L x 29″W x 40″H dimensions.

Made with FDA-approved resin, it’s 100% potable and safe for drinking, so you can use it to store water or rainwater collected in your yard. It’s made with rotationally molded polyethylene and weighs 98.34 lbs, which makes the tank strong enough to withstand pressure without cracking or leaking.

It has a specific gravity of 1.0—the same as water—so there are no worries about weight distribution. And since it’s seamless and durable, there are no worries about broken seams or cracks from mishandling or moving the tank on your lawn.

The tank is designed to fit through doorways easily (up to 36″) and comes with a cap at the top for easy access when filling up your containers. If you’re looking for an easy way to keep water in your garden without wasting too much space, this tank is the way to go!

  • Size-wise, take up less space
  • Pressure-resistant
  • A strong base is required to keep it stable in the wind, making construction more expensive.

Buying guide: Ultimate Guide to Buy the Best Plastic Water Tank

Choosing the best plastic water tank is not an easy task. However, if you know what to look for, it won’t take too long.


The first thing that you need to consider when choosing a plastic water storage tank is its capacity. This tells you how much water can be stored and is usually measured in gallons or litres. The size of your garden will determine how big of a tank you need. If you have a medium-sized lawn, a 1,000-gallon tank would be more than enough for your uses.


Another thing you should consider when choosing a plastic water storage tank is its color. It does not matter whether it is blue or white as long as it does not leak and holds up well over time. Make sure it blends well with your home’s exterior and garden so it doesn’t stand out too much.


Durability is the first thing to consider in your quest to find the best plastic water storage tank. The material and design of the tank will determine how long it lasts. The most durable tanks are made from polyethylene or polypropylene because they are resistant to corrosion and breakage. A good storage tank should withstand pressure up to 15 pounds for several years without damage.

Number of Layers

Another factor that determines the durability of a plastic water storage tank is its number of layers. Tanks with three-layer walls are more durable than those with two-layer walls; however, this doesn’t mean that a two-layer walled tank cannot last you for several years. You can also choose tanks with extra thick wall thickness if you want them to last longer than usual.


Another thing you need to consider is the location of installation. This will determine the size of the tank, and also its capacity. If your property is in an area with insufficient space for installing a large tank, you need to go for a smaller one. However, suppose there is enough space available on your property, then it is better to go for a large capacity tank so that you can store more water during emergencies and save money as well.

Warranty Period

Another important factor that needs consideration is the warranty period. It means how long does the manufacturer give a warranty on their products? The longer the warranty period offered, the better it would be for customers as they can get a free replacement if the product fails within a specified period after purchase.


Water tanks can be expensive if you buy them from a plumbing store. However, if you look around for deals or order them online, you can save quite a bit on your purchase.

Why do gardens need a water tank?

Best plastic water tank

Gardeners need a water tank because it saves money and resources. A water tank is a large reservoir that collects rainwater from your roof, which can be used to irrigate your garden. This is especially useful if you don’t have access to city water or live in an area without a reliable supply of rainfall. Here are the reasons why gardens need a water tank:

Water tanks save money and resources

Best plastic water tank

Gardens need a water tank because it saves money and resources. Instead of purchasing expensive water from the city or other sources, you can collect rainwater in your backyard and use it to irrigate your plants and trees.

Water tanks reduce waste

Best plastic water tank

A garden water tank reduces waste by recycling rainwater that would otherwise flow down drains into sewage systems that treat wastewater before releasing it back into rivers and lakes, where it can contaminate drinking supplies. Gardeners can reduce pollution caused by runoff into local waterways by using rainwater instead of tap water for irrigation.

6 Reasons You Should Consider Buying Plastic Water Tanks

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to store water, plastic tanks are an ideal option. These tanks are made from a tough plastic material that is resistant to corrosion, which means that they are long-lasting and durable. However, before you buy a plastic water tank, there are some things that you should consider. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying plastic water tanks:

1. Durability

Plastic water tanks have been designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and are built for daily use. They can be used indoors or outdoors without any problems. This means that you will not have to worry about replacing them anytime soon if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions or if you use your tank frequently.

2. Affordability

Plastic water tanks do not cost much compared to other storage systems such as metal or concrete ones. If you want to save money on your purchase, then this is something that you should consider looking into before deciding on what type of tank to buy for your home or business.

3. Plastic Water Tanks Are Lightweight

One of the biggest advantages of plastic over steel is that it is lightweight. This makes it easier for you to install your plastic tank and move it around if necessary. Its lightweight factor also makes it easier to transport the tank if you need to move it from one place to another.

4. Easy To Clean

Another important reason you should buy plastic water tanks is that they are very easy to clean compared to other types of tanks available today. You don’t have to hire professional cleaners or help from anyone else as these tanks can be cleaned easily with just one swipe of your hand or a soft cloth. This makes them more convenient than other types of tanks, which require special care and maintenance before cleaning them properly.

5. Ease of installation

You can purchase a plastic water tank that is already assembled or one that is made up of separate parts that you have to assemble yourself. Either type will be easy to install when you follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely. You may need a friend to help you lift the tank onto its stand, but the rest is easy once it’s up there.

6. Safe plastic for drinking water

The most important thing about a plastic water tank is that it must be BPA-free and lead-free so that it doesn’t leach chemicals into your drinking water as it ages. A good quality polyethylene or polypropylene has been tested for these chemicals and found not to contain them in any concentration high enough to harm humans or animals who drink from them.


Gardeners, landscapers, and farmers are always looking for good ways to save money. You can use one of the above Garden water tanks for all sorts of things like water storage on your lawn. If you have a small farm or large garden, I suggest buying one or more of the 5-gallon tanks featured above; you’ll be saving money & time when using them. If you want to explore other options for watering your garden then here are the best watering wands and best soaker hose and their reels to help you with that.

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