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M18 FUEL Milwaukee String Trimmer: Will it get the Job Done?

Lawn trimming is a task that is viewed as a necessary evil. You need to do it, but it is not something you want to spend much time on or think about. So when it’s time to purchase a string trimmer, most people want to save money, but they also don’t want something that will underperform or fail halfway through.

The sheer number of options is overwhelming. There are gas-powered trimmers, cordless trimmers, and electric string trimmers; Which one is right? Will it fit our needs and budget? 

I have been searching for a string trimmer that would give me power and precision without costing me an arm and a leg for quite some time. This was when I discovered the M18 FUEL Milwaukee String Trimmer. Therefore, in this Milwaukee string trimmer review, I will discuss different styles and types of strings, run time, performance reviews, and more! I have also written an article about The Best Walk Behind String Trimmer in 2022 if you’d like to see a comparison of a few string trimmers I think are also good.

What is a Milwaukee String Trimmer?

A Milwaukee string trimmer is a battery-operated outdoor power tool that uses a shaft with a cutting head attached to it. The blade cuts everything from grass to weeds with high-speed blades and a string that feeds through the head.

M18 fuel milwaukee string trimmer

This string trimmer is also known as a weed eater or weed whacker. You can use this product to help control weeds on your lawn or field and keep your paths and driveways clean.

There are many types of trimmers on the market, and the most common ones use a cord or battery that plugs into your home’s electric outlet, like Milwaukee. These models have rechargeable batteries that offer more convenience and freedom.

Specifications of M18 Fuel Milwaukee String Trimmer

M18 fuel milwaukee string trimmer
Power SourceCordless
Item Dimensions73.6 x 8.8 x 8.5 inches
Item Weight13 Pounds
Cutting Width16 Inches
Voltage18 Volts

Key Features of the Milwaukee String Trimmer

I have found that during the month of summer, especially when it is hot, and when you have to spend the entire day out in the sun, it is pretty difficult to even stand outside while carrying a heavy machine. However, it is quite easy to maneuver this Milwaukee string trimmer without straining your body or getting sunstroke from working in the sun all day long.

Powerful Brushless Motor:

Unlike other string trimmers, the brushless motor delivers sufficient torque to cut through thick grass and weeds without bogging down and burning out. The flexible features of this trimmer also let me adjust power output for the different types of trimming jobs I was doing.

Automatic Feed Spool:

Using an automatic feed spool means you won’t have to bump or wind your rope when you run out of line. Whenever you need more lines, it will automatically feed on the attached spool so that you will never run out of lines!

String Length Adjustment:

String feed technology adapts this trimmer to different cutting lengths automatically depending on what you need it for (for example, trimming grass or trimming flower beds). Besides being able to pivot 360 degrees, the head can also be moved up and down without having to drop the tool and change it.

Length Adjustment:

Unlike most string trimmers, the head on this one can be extended or retracted by adjusting a knob located at the base of the shaft. The head can be extended for trimming taller weeds and shrubs, while the head can be retracted for trimming close to delicate plants, like flowers or garden vegetables. You can also eliminate tall weeds by using a brush cutter before trimming your garden with the trimmer. You can also read my review of the best heavy-duty brush cutters.


The battery has the capacity to hold enough power to run the trimmer continuously at high speed for up to an hour! You will have more than enough time to finish most of your household or yard chores.

Speed Control:

The 2-speed control lets you choose between low speed for edging or high speed for even standing outside grasses with less vibration and noise than other brands. This control lets you adjust how much power you want in each situation by adjusting how much pressure you put on the trigger as well as how fast you squeeze it – this gives you greater control over your cutting experience.

Adjustable Cutter:

The adjustable cut capacity of this string trimmer is perfect for tackling the toughest weeds and grasses in your yard. This string trimmer comes with an 8-inch cutting swath, which means less time spent trimming and more time spent enjoying your lawn.

Variable Speed Cutter:

A variable speed trigger is built into the Milwaukee String Trimmer, which allows you to adjust the tool’s speed. You can adjust the amount of power required for clearing thick weeds or brush with this feature, which is especially useful when cutting through thick weeds or brush.

Solid Drive Shaft: 

With its solid shaft, this string trimmer provides more torque and power to cut through thick grass and weeds. As a result, the vibration from the engine is reduced so you can continue working longer without feeling tired.

Pro Gear Box:

This trimmer comes with an offset guard that protects the motor from damage if the motor accidentally hits something while being operated. This guard is also useful if you need to reach high places such as tree branches and fences or if you want to make cuts above your head. It prevents debris from getting into your line feed opening.

Why Is Milwaukee Better Than Other Trimmers?

M18 fuel milwaukee string trimmer

The Milwaukee Trimmer is a high-quality product that offers you three main benefits. First, it is a powerful performance trimmer that can handle any job. Secondly, it is lightweight and extremely easy to use. Thirdly, it has a longer runtime than most of the other trimmers that you can buy on the market today.


With a 28-volt battery, the Milwaukee M18 cordless string trimmer is one of the most powerful string trimmers available today. It has plenty of power and torque to power through weekly maintenance on any lawn without bogging down or slowing down at all. It also has more than enough power to tackle thick grass and nasty weeds that would slow down any other trimmer. In fact, this model was even able to cut through overgrowth that had been left untreated for several weeks. 


The Milwaukee M18 String Trimmer weighs 13 pounds without the battery. The weight of this trimmer makes it easy to handle while trimming your lawn or edging around your garden beds. I find that it is much easier on my back than other trimmers that weigh twice as much or more.

The next thing that impressed me about this trimmer was how easy it was to operate. It has an ergonomic design with a comfortable grip so you can use it with ease even while wearing gloves or if your hands are wet from sweat or rainwater.


The best feature of this trimmer is that it has a runtime of 50 minutes, which is longer than the runtimes of other brands. The engine is powerful enough to cut through thick weeds, grass, and even small saplings.

Variable Speed Trigger:

The trimmer has a variable speed trigger which allows you to control how fast or slow you want to go. This feature is rare in other brands and makes it easier to work with different materials.

Ergonomically Designed:

The handle is ergonomically designed to make it comfortable for even the most demanding users out there! The handle also has rubberized grips on it for extra comfort as well as heat protection so that your hands don’t get burned when using it for long periods of time!

Things You Need To Look For When Choosing a Trimmer?

M18 fuel milwaukee string trimmer

How do you choose the best trimmer? There are a number of factors that you should consider before making your purchase.


This is one of the most important factors when choosing any tool or appliance for your lawn care needs. It should be easy to handle and move as compared to other options in the market so that you can use it easily and comfortably without getting tired easily while working with it.

The balance of this product is excellent because it has a lightweight design that makes it easy to use even for long hours without feeling any strain on your body parts or muscles due to being overweight by heavy equipment

Noise Level:

This trimmer is much quieter than other string trimmers I’ve used in the past. When it’s turned on, it sounds like a lawnmower, but once it’s running, it’s quieter than any other trimmer I’ve ever owned. I’m not sure if it’s because of the design of the engine or something else, but this one really doesn’t make as much noise as others do. Even when it is running at full throttle, it does not make a lot of noise.

Low Vibration:

If you are looking for a more powerful machine, you will want to look at one that has low vibration. The lower the vibration, the less fatigue, and stress you will feel on your wrists and hands. This can be especially important if you need to use the trimmer for long periods of time or if you have an injury in your hands or wrists. It can also help decrease the amount of time it takes for them to recover after using the trimmer.

Easy Feeding and Loading: 

To ensure that the cutting line or string is fed into the machine easily, you need to choose a model that has a simple feeding and loading process, so that you don’t have to waste time loading your string or cutting line into the machine.

High-Quality Motor: 

There is no doubt that trimming machines consume a lot of power during use, so it is important that they are equipped with reliable motors that are durable enough to be used every day.

Safety Features:

It’s important to keep safety in mind when selecting a trimmer, this is crucial. Your trimmer should have a feature that prevents it from starting unless the line is locked in place, as well as an automatic shutoff if the trimmer is accidentally dropped or left running. Both of these features will help prevent accidents and keep your kids safe. Several models also come with blade guards that prevent accidental contact with sharp blades.

Blade Type:

Some trimmers are designed with multiple cutting heads. This can be useful if you need to do different types of work, but if you’re just trimming around the house and yard, a single-head trimmer will probably work just fine.

Easy Maintenance:

You also need to look for easy maintenance features when choosing a trimmer. A good quality trimmer should allow you to clean it after each use without causing any problems during cleaning or maintenance processes. The blades must be easy to replace as well so that they can be replaced easily if they get dull after prolonged use or if they break down due to heavy-duty work requirements.


If you want to avoid having to replace the model all the time, make sure that you pick one that is durable. Here’s the video showing how Milwaukee String Trimmer works.

Final Verdict:

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL String Trimmer is a modern take on an electric-powered weed whacker. This cordless string trimmer is designed to handle high trimming loads and workloads. 

The M18 FUEL String Trimmer is comfortable and easy to use (also see my article: How to Use String a Trimmer Successfully?), and over the course of testing, I was able to tackle tasks ranging from evening yardwork to clearing an overgrown pathway. The real question is, can this trimmer perform as well as its counterparts? 

The Milwaukee trimmer is a bit more expensive than its counterparts in the market, but, in my opinion, it is worth the price tag due to its features and efficacy. You can grab one on Amazon, take a look here.

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