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7 Natural Remedies To Remove Stink Bugs From Citrus Trees

Almost all of us love citrus fruits, and those having gardens, ensure to have at least one citrus tree in their backyard. But, wait, do you know that, like humans, stink bugs also love citrus fruits a lot? So, if you own a garden with citrus trees, this is something to worry about. Stink bugs will simply lay eggs on your citrus tree, enjoy having juicy fruits and leave behind juiceless and dead fruits.

I know it hurts, and we will never like to experience such a thing. So, if you own a garden with citrus trees, you have three options: Pray to God, cry for your loss, or follow us and know how to kill stink bugs. Here, I will share some natural remedies to remove stink bugs from citrus trees. So, if you want to keep your garden stink-bug-free, this is the perfect place to land on. Below you will be enriched with how to get rid of stink bugs using home remedies

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Keeping stink bugs out, especially for amateur gardeners, is a hell of a task. They are small, hide easily, and their color matches your plants. So, for your ease, I will share my years of gardening experience to help you know how to get rid of stink bugs (also see my article: How to Get Rid Of Snails in Your Garden ┃8 Effective Ways) via home remedies. Follow the steps listed below and keep your garden clean and healthy.

Soapy Water Spray: A quick home remedy to keep stink bugs out

Natural remedies to remove stink bugs

You may or may not know this, but soapy water is the perfect home remedy to keep off stink bugs. For this, you need to get a clean spray bottle, some water, and dishwashing liquid. Add water into the bottle, put in one tablespoon of soap, and mix it well.

If you are trying it for the first time, I suggest you try it on some leaves first. Coat a few leaves with the mixture and leave it for a day. The next day, check for any side effects of the mixture. If your leaves have spots or start to burn, avoid using that particular soap or add more water to the mixture.

However, if the leaves seem ok, you need to coat the entire plant with that mixture, and no stink bug will wander around your citrus tree. Along with it, ensure that you are not using hard water. Hard water may reduce the effectiveness of soap, and it will not work on mature bugs. So, for your stink bug spray, avoid using hard water.

Note: Do not forget to wash your fruits before eating if you are coating them with soap and water.

Try Margosa oil to repel stink bugs

Natural remedies to remove stink bugs

Margosa or Neem tree oil can be the perfect stink bug repellent. It is made with the help of Neem seed, and its bitterness and fragrance are what keep bugs away. To use Neem oil, you need to take a large spray bottle, fill it with warm water and add two to three tablespoons of Neem oil. Mix it well, and then coat your citrus tree with the mixture.

While coating, make sure that you put the maximum amount of mixture on the stem. Most of the stink bugs camouflage themselves on citrus tree stems. 

Note: Though the neem oil is not hazardous to health, it would help if you wash your citrus fruits before using them.

White Vinegar can help eradicate stink bugs

Natural remedies to remove stink bugs

There is nothing more powerful than white vinegar to avoid stink bugs naturally. To make this recipe work, you would require two cups of warm water, a clean spray bottle, one cup of white vinegar, and half a cup of non-toxic dish soap.

Mix the ingredients well and spray them directly on the plant. If there are any stink bugs, they will die in a matter of time. White vinegar mixed with dish soap turns out to be the perfect poison for stink and other types of bugs. Vinegar isn’t just for stink bugs, read these 17 amazing uses for vinegar in gardening

Note: Make sure that you use non-toxic dish spray. If not so, the mixture might affect your plants too.

Close off all potential entry points

The best way to keep stink bugs away from your garden is by sealing off all entry points. You may know it or not, but stink bugs love to hide in small cracks. So, you need to look for cracks near your garden and seal them all. May it be in your doors, window, or anything, seal it off.

This is the first and foremost step to keep stink bugs away and protect your citrus fruit trees with minimum effort placed.

Have you tried garlic spray to keep stink bugs out?

OK, so you are like me and don’t want to kill anything, even stink bugs. So, how are you going to keep these little stinkers away? In order to keep them away, the best method is to use garlic spray. Unlike other stink bug sprays, garlic spray will not kill the bugs yet it will keep them away. Stink bugs do not like garlic spray or its taste. So, garlic spray is the perfect tool to keep them away without killing them.

The best part is that making garlic spray is also easy. Simply take a clean spray bottle, fill it with warm water and add 3 to 4 tablespoons of garlic powder. Mix all ingredients well and apply directly to the plant.  

Note: Before using the fruits, wash them well, or you will have citrus fruit with garlic coating.

Attract birds to your garden

Remove stink bugs from citrus trees

If you do not want to use any stink bug spray or have no time to take care of every tree, birds can rescue you. Birds love to have stink bugs as their meal and would keep your garden safe from them. For this, you only need to install a bird feeder in your garden, and you won’t have to worry about how to kill stink bugs.

Kaolin clay can be your natural tool to avoid stink bugs

Kaolin clay has long been used as the perfect home-based bug repellent. It keeps them away from your favorite plants, and the best part is that it does not affect the plants. So, grab a spray bottle, pour some hot water, and add a few tablespoons of Kaolin clay. Spray it directly on the plant and help yourself get rid of bugs.


If you have been through the article heartily, you know well how to kill stink bugs and how to make the perfect stink bug spray. Above, I have guided you about everything you need to keep stink bugs off your citrus trees. I’ve discussed some of the best home remedies to keep away these tiny bugs. However, if you are still confused about anything, let me know. I will ensure every possible way to help you out. If you want to stop the cats pooping in your garden then I got you covered read Stop Cats Pooping In Your Garden.

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