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6 Best Post Hole Digger for Rocky Soil

Post hole diggers are probably one of the most important tools for your lawn.

You might not think about it, but digging holes for posts or stakes is a vital part of any construction project in your garden.

You can’t build a deck without them!

On top of that, what if you’re working with rocky soil?

That’s where your post hole digger can come in handy. A post hole digger is a hand-held tool used to dig holes for fence posts, plant trees, and shrubs, or create drainage ditches.

A good post-hole digger will have a sharp blade that can cut through hard soil and rocks without damaging the tool itself, which means that you don’t have to worry about breaking the handle or bending the blade when working with rock-hard ground.

I have reviewed some of the best post-hole diggers, so let’s get started!

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What is a Post Hole Digger?

6 best post hole digger for rocky soil

A post hole digger is a tool used to dig holes for wooden posts and other purposes. It consists of a long handle with a socket in the end, into which a steel blade fits. The blade is primarily beveled on one side and has a sharp point on the other.

The beveled side pushes into the ground to loosen it and lift dirt out, while the point allows you to drive it through hard soil without wedging. Post hole diggers come in different sizes and thicknesses for different soil types.

Types of post hole digger

There are five main types of post hole digger:


6 best post hole digger for rocky soil

The traditional post hole digger is a manual tool made up of a cylinder, handle, and cutting head. The cylinder is used to drive the cutting head into the ground. This type of digger is made from either metal or plastic. It is usually inexpensive but requires a lot of strength to use. The traditional post hole digger is not recommended for people with limited strength or experience in digging holes.


6 best post hole digger for rocky soil

The scissor-action post hole digger has two handles that open when you pull them towards you and close when you push them away. The scissor action allows you to cut through hard soil without exerting much force on your back while digging. This type of digging tool is useful if you have limited upper body strength or mobility issues that make using a traditional post hole digger difficult. However, it does cost more than the traditional version because it has more parts that need to be assembled before usage and requires more maintenance during use due to its complex design.

The Universal

6 best post hole digger for rocky soil

The most common post-hole digger, has two parallel blades that rotate in opposite directions to create a “V” shape. The two blades are joined at the top by a hinge so that they can move apart or together depending on how much ground needs to be dug out. The handles can also be adjusted so that operators can control how far down they want to go with each stroke.

The double-pivot

6 best post hole digger for rocky soil

This post-hole digger has two blades that rotate independently, allowing operators to dig deeper and more quickly than a single-blade design. It also allows them to get closer to walls and fences than other designs because digging deeper holes puts less strain on them.

Offset Post Hole Digger

6 best post hole digger for rocky soil

Offset Post Hole Digger is the most commonly used type of post hole digger. It has a unique offset design allows you to drive into the ground without hitting your foot or leg with the blade. The offset design also provides greater leverage for getting through hard soil and clay, and the auger can be set to any depth to match your project needs.

Top Picks: The Best Post Hole Diggers

There is no shortage of options for the best post-hole digger you can choose on the market.

While most equipment uses the same function and material in construction, we find that they each have unique characteristics that are worth exploring.

Based on my tests and comparisons, this article includes six of the best drills for rocky soil.

1. CountyLine 602377 3-Point Post Hole Digger

Best post hole digger

Need to dig some holes? The CountyLine 602377 3-Point Post Hole Digger is your ticket. It is made up of steel with a 48-inch maximum drilling depth.

This 72″ Best Post Hole Digger is designed to fit any standard tractor PTO, so you can use it with any tractor you have. The 4 Hole adjustments for boom allow you to easily find the perfect position for digging narrow holes (6-inch, 9-inch, or 12-inch).

With four hole adjustments for boom, you’ll have plenty of control over how deep you dig your holes, and the control rod will help you keep the sharp end of your digger where it needs to be.

The heavy-duty gearbox with a heavy-duty PTO driveline means that this 3-point post-hole digger is built to last through years of regular use. The heavy-duty gearbox with a heavy-duty PTO driveline ensures that your job gets done efficiently and quickly, without slowing down or getting stuck in the mud like other less durable products might.

It also includes two removable legs for easy storage when not in use. Plus, a driveshaft cradle keeps everything organized and within reach when working on your next project!

  • Driveshaft cradle
  • Heavy-duty gearbox
  • Easy to assemble
  • Extension not included

2. AGKNX 3-Point Post Hole Digger

Best post hole digger

If you’re looking for a tool that can help you dig post holes quickly and easily, look no further than the imported AGKNX 3-Point Post Hole Digger. This is one of the Best Post Hole Diggers for rocky soil that carries all the features you’ll need to finish the job.

The AGKNX 3-Point Post Hole Digger is made of steel with a 48″ length. It features a durable driveline and rust-resistant powder coat finish that will stand up to years of use in any climate.

The quick connect to 6 spline PTO means you can attach it to your tractor seat for safe, comfortable operation. And with its standard duty rating, this tool is perfect for anyone who wants an efficient way to dig post holes in their yard or garden!

A great feature of this product is its three-position adjustment: It can be used for digging holes for fence posts, rails, and gate posts. The top link pin diameter is 1″, and the lift arm pin diameter is 7/8″. The AGKNX 3-Point Post Hole Digger also includes a top link bushing for pin installation on your tractor or skid steer machine.

  • Suitable for bigger tasks
  • Heavy duty post hole digger
  • Sturdy construction
  • Rust-resistant powder coat finish
  • None

3. Truper CA-38F Hercules Pattern Fbg Post Hole Digger

Best post hole digger

When you’re ready to dig a hole for your fence post, you need a tool that can get the job done. That’s where this Hercules Pattern Fbg Post Hole Digger comes in.

If you’ve ever used a manual post hole digger before, you know how important it is to have a sturdy grip that makes digging easier. The black head of this post hole digger is made from steel, and its total length is 59.2″. This model has strong handles, but they’re made from fiberglass, so they won’t crack or break when things get tough—and trust us, they will get tough!

The blades on this tool are made from tempered steel, so they won’t bend or snap as other brands might do during use. It also features a black epoxy powder paint finish, which means it will last longer than other models making it the Best Post Hole Digger available on the market today.

This tool is super compact and is made for working in super-tight space too. Whether that’s your home or business property, having the ability to dig holes quickly and efficiently will make your life easier with this one.

  • Suitable for heavy clay soils
  • Affordable
  • Some people find it heavy

4. DR Power Equipment 414741 3 Point Hitch Post Hole Digger

Best post hole digger

Say hello to the DR Power Equipment 3-point post-holer. It drills holes almost as quickly as you can drive your tractor between sites.

With a heavy-duty cast-iron gearbox and made up of high-strength steel tubing, this is the Best Post Hole Digger for rocky soil. The tractor’s 3-Point Hitch hydraulics make it easy to connect the auger to your tractor, so you can get right to work without any hassle.

And because it’s a Category 1 or 2 Tractor from 20HP to 45HP—you’ll get more than enough power for any job! This auger post hole digger features a standard 3-Point connection so that you can use it with almost any tractor on the market today. Drilling has been made smooth and steady by the 3:1 cast-iron gearbox that lowers the auger speed to 540 RPM.

It also includes a PTO shaft with 540 RPM speed and a 6-spline, quick-release tractor yoke. You’re ready to start digging!

  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for long fence lines
  • It is suitable for even the toughest soils
  • The PTO shaft has short sheer bolts

5. Razor-Back Post Hole Digger

Best post hole digger

The Razor-Back Post Hole Digger model 78006 is a high-quality piece of equipment.

It’s made from high carbon steel, so it’s strong enough to dig through hard soil and clay and collect even more dirt than other models. Plus, the six-inch point spread helps you get into the ground quickly and get your job done!

It doesn’t have a ruler printed on the handles, but that’s okay—you don’t need one if you’re using this tool. The size is 59.625in. H x 6.25in. W x 6.25in. D, so you can use it to measure out holes before you start digging or simply eyeball where your hole should go based on how many bricks or boards will fit in it when it’s finished (which is also an option).

This digger weighs 10.44 lb., so if you’re looking for something lightweight that won’t strain your back when you’re moving around with it over long distances, this is the Best Post Hole Digger for you!

However, if strength matters most, this tool has got what it takes–it comes with a strong 48 in. fiberglass Hercules pattern and two pc riveted steel blades with a beveled digging edge.

  • Fiberglass handles for durability
  • Beveled blades made of high carbon steel
  • Comfortable cushion grips
  • Not enough for bigger digs

6. Razor-Back 78007 Hercules Pattern Post Hole Digger

Best post hole digger

The tubular-shaped Razor-Back 78007 Hercules Pattern Post Hole Digger is a must-have for homeowners and professionals.

Its high carbon steel blades and strong fiberglass handles ease it can handle heavy-duty digging jobs. In the Hercules pattern, two-piece riveted steel blades have beveled edges to dig through the toughest clay and dirt.

The six-inch point spread helps you collect more dirt and clay than other post-hole diggers on the market, making it ideal for large jobs like landscaping or fence installation. With its cushioned grip handles, this digger is comfortable to use and easy to maneuver, even if you’re wearing gloves.

This tool does not have a ruler printed on the handles, but a ruler is printed on the blade that can measure distances up to 18 ft.

  • A durable all-steel construction
  • Welded blades for effective use
  • Well-built and cushioned grip handles for comfort
  • Heavy for non-professionals

Buying guide: An Ultimate Guide to The Best Post Hole Digger

When choosing the best post-hole digger for rocky soil, you must first decide what type of soil you will be digging into. You will want a more powerful tool if the ground is hard and rocky, then you will want a more powerful tool. If it’s soft and sandy, then a lighter-duty model may suffice.

Type of Soil Will You be Digging

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a post-hole digger is what type of soil you will dig into. If you live in an area where sandy, rocky, or hard-packed soil, you’ll want to get a more durable and powerful tool. On the other hand, a less powerful model will work if you live in an area with looser soil.

Type of Digging Projects

In most cases, there are two types of digging projects that people need help with around their homes: digging holes for fence posts and digging holes for planting trees and shrubs. Both types of projects require different types of tools because each has unique requirements.

Some post-hole diggers are designed specifically for certain types of projects, such as building fences or gardens, while others can do both jobs equally well. If there is no specific need for a particular tool, it is better to get a multipurpose one instead because it will save money in the long run.

Manually-operated Post Hole Diggers

Manually-operated post hole diggers are usually made of metal and come in several shapes and sizes. They are designed to be used by hand, so they don’t require any electricity or power source to work properly. The handles can be made from wood or plastic, depending on how much money you want to spend on your tool.

For example, wood handles tend to be heavier than plastic ones since they are harder for manufacturers to mold into shape using machinery. However, because they don’t have the same brittle characteristics as their plastic counterparts, these handles last longer than those made of plastic.

Fiberglass Ergonomically Designed Handles

These types of handles are designed with ergonomic features that make them more comfortable to use than other types of handles. They often feature rubber grips or grips made from mesh materials that will help absorb some of the shocks from pushing down into hard soil or clay, which can make working for long periods much easier on your hands and wrists than using other types of handles without these features built-in would be able to do. These handles are usually available in both manual and electric versions.

Depth Capacity

Depth capacity is another important consideration when choosing the best post-hole digger for your needs. Suppose you plan on digging holes deeper than four feet. In that case, you may want to consider buying two different models – one with a smaller depth capacity and another with a larger depth capacity so that you can choose both shallow and deep holes.


The weight of your post hole digger is an important consideration. You will want a light enough tool to carry around but strong enough to dig through the ground without causing strain on your body. Post hole diggers come in different sizes and weights, so it is important to choose one that fits your strength level and how much you plan on using it.


The handles on your post hole digger should be ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in your hands while you work. They should also be made of durable materials that don’t break or crack when used repeatedly over time. If possible, look for models with foam grips that help reduce fatigue when using them for long periods.


An accurate, durable, and functional post-hole digger will save you time and money. A post hole digger is an excellent choice for soft or sandy soil. Be sure to consider how much you will use the tool, what kind of soil you will be working with, and how many holes you need to dig.

Opt for a power option; if you want an alternative to a manual post hole digger, opt for a power option. You can compare several different post-hole diggers before making a purchase. Finding the right tool for the job may take trial and error, but it should be worth it when you have the right tool for your project. A healthy lawn starts with healthy soil, so if you want to know more about soil, here you go.

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