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How to Adjust the Sprinkler Head – 4 Easy Steps

How to adjust the sprinkler head - 4 easy steps

After getting the best sprinkler head for your garden, It’s time to get started with watering your garden. You’ve obviously landed here after searching for information on how to adjust a sprinkler head, and I’m here to help you out.

The sprinkler head must be adjusted correctly in order for it to function correctly. This article will tell you how to adjust the sprinkler head in 4 quick steps.

What Tools Do You Need To Adjust the Sprinkler Head?

How to adjust the sprinkler head

Every sprinkler head comes with a different type of mechanism to adjust them. Some of them are easy to adjust and can be done using a simple screwdriver. Other sprinkler heads might have a bit more complex adjusting mechanisms.

Before you get started, check the box that came with your sprinkler head. There are chances ‎that it might have some instructions or warnings or there could be some necessary ‎tools for adjustment.‎

If your sprinkler head doesn’t come with any tools, you don’t have to worry. Many regular tools are perfect to use on many sprinkler heads. It is important to inspect the sprinkler head you have and then decide whether you have the necessary required tools or not.

Suppose your sprinkler head has a rotor screw for adjustment; in that case, you will need a roto screwdriver. If the sprinkler head has a lot of slotted screws, then you will need a slotted screwdriver.

No need to get confused, I’ve put together a list of things you might need to adjust to your sprinkler head. You can even take this list to your nearest hardware store and grab these tools on the go, or click the links and be taken to one I found on Amazon.

If you have grabbed all the necessary tools, you are ready to make adjustments to your sprinkler head.

How to Adjust Sprinkler Head Step-by-Step

Sprinkler heads are easily adjusted by anyone. Sprinkler heads come in a variety of types, so here is the adjustment procedure for each type. Without wasting any time, let’s have a look at step 1.

Step 1: Identify the Sprinkler Head You Have

Identifying the sprinkler head is the most crucial step for adjusting the sprinkler head. I don’t want you guys to suffer like me. I was using a rotor screwdriver, but the screws on my sprinkler head were slotted ones. Ironically it took me an hour to realize why I couldn’t adjust the sprinkler head on my lawn.

Apart from the variety of screws, many different kinds of sprinkler heads are available. The most common ones are; impact sprinkler heads, rotary sprinkler heads, and pop-up sprinkler heads. Each of them is different in operation, but they serve the same purpose.

How to adjust the sprinkler head - 4 easy steps

Not to forget, their adjustment mechanism also varies accordingly. To avoid damaging any of the components of the sprinkler head, you need to identify what kind of sprinkler head you have.

Step 2: Consider Your Lawn Needs

If you don’t know how much water your lawn needs, you might not be able to make adjustments. Remember the one reason we make adjustments to the sprinkler heads is when the lawn is overwatered or underwatered. Both conditions can cause potential harm to your beautiful lawn.

Inspect your lawn size and the range of your sprinkler head. There can be chances that the sprinkler head you have has a minimal range compared to the lawn. Keep in mind to have a sprinkler head with a range equal to the lawn area.

How to adjust the sprinkler head

Another point to consider is to check the water pressure. If the water pressure of the hose system in your lawn is not strong enough, then your sprinkler head is not the one at fault. In that case, you would have to adjust the water pressure in the hose system instead of changing the sprinkler head.

Step 3: Adjusting Different Type Of Sprinkler Heads

Different types of sprinkler heads can be available and they all serve the same purpose: to water your garden evenly. The only thing they might differ in is the mechanism used to adjust them. I will be explaining some of the easiest ways to adjust each of them.

Impact Sprinkler Head Adjustment

How to adjust the sprinkler head
Picture Credit: WikiHow

The easiest thing to do for adjusting an impact sprinkler head is to alter the water flow at the source. The rule is simple here; opening the faucet will also increase the water flow and coverage area. If you close the faucet, the water flow will decrease, and the coverage will be limited to a small area.

Another way is to adjust the position of the diffuser pin. You can adjust the pin by hand or wrench to increase the coverage area, rotating it in an anti-clockwise direction. If you want to decrease the coverage, screw the diffuser pin clockwise

Pop-Up Sprinkler Head Adjustment

How to adjust the sprinkler head
Picture Credit: WikiHow

Adjusting the pop-up sprinkler head is a time-consuming one. If the spray nozzle on the top has no screws, then you might not be able to adjust your pop-up sprinkler head. The only way would be to change the nozzle.

If the pop-up sprinkler head has a screw on the top, it is adjustable. You have to grab a screwdriver that fits onto these screws. You can turn the screw to increase or decrease the radius of the nozzle.

In between the adjusting process, you can start the water system to check whether the direction is appropriate for your lawn or not. Be careful as the water pressure might be too high in this sprinkler head to avoid direct contact.

Rotor Sprinkler Head Adjustment

How to adjust the sprinkler head
Picture Credit: WikiHow

Rotor sprinkler heads have a bit different mechanism for adjustment. Here you have to look for a plus or minus sign on the top of the rotor. You will get to see a tiny keyhole next to these signs. You need to insert that rotor adjustment tool into this keyhole and press it.

Rotor sprinkler heads work on the mechanism of the arcs. So, if you want to increase the arc, you will have to turn the key to the left. For decreasing the arc, you need to turn the key to the right side. Watch this video to learn how to adjust rotary sprinkler heads.  

Meanwhile, turn on the water system and assess the water flow. When you get the flow for your garden, remove the adjustment key from the keyhole. You can easily adjust the radius of the spray arc using this method.  

Step 4: Experiment with the Sprinkler Head

How to adjust the sprinkler head
Picture Credit: WikiHow

If you have made the necessary adjustments, it’s time to test them out. Ensure that all the areas are covered by water. For a longer spray, insert your Allen wrench into the hole next to the raised arrow and turn it to the left. The nozzle should be adjusted when spraying plants farther away from your sprinkler head.

Factors to Consider Before Adjusting Sprinkler Head

Sprinkler heads are very straightforward to adjust. To remain on the safer side, consider the below factors before making any adjustments to the sprinkler head you have in your garden.

  • Start by checking if the problem is with your water hose system or the sprinkler head.
  • Confirm the sprinkler head is adjustable and not fixed on a certain angle or arc.
  • While testing the water pressure, maintain a safe distance from the sprinkler head.


How to Determine What Tools I Need To Adjust Sprinkler Head?

Sprinkler head adjustment tools

To determine what tools you need to adjust the sprinkler head, you must analyze it thoroughly. If the sprinkler head you own has screws on the top or at the side, a screwdriver can be used to make adjustments. If there are arced or slotted signs, you might need a slotted or rotor screwdriver.

How Often Should I Make Adjustments To The Sprinkler Head?

How to adjust the sprinkler head - 4 easy steps

Whenever you notice that a part of an area of your garden is wilting or becoming dull, make sure you adjust the sprinkler head. Any time you see if your lawn is getting too little or too much water, you must grab your screwdriver and adjust it accordingly.

What Is Arc On A Sprinkler Head, And How Can I Adjust It?

Sprinkler arc

Arc is the degree of coverage a sprinkler head can have, starting from one side to the other side of the pattern. In most cases, the arc can be adjusted by rotating the head in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

How Can I Stop My Sprinklers From Overwatering The Garden?

How to adjust the sprinkler head - 4 easy steps

Your sprinkler nozzles may have been pointing too far in one direction or another resulting in overwatering of your garden. There are possibilities that the sprinkler head might be spraying excessive water. Using a screwdriver, adjust the screws on the top of the sprinkler head. Make sure to consider the coverage area before making any changes.

Why Are My Sprinkler Heads Misting?

Why are my sprinkler heads misting?

Your sprinkler heads will produce fog or mists when the water pressure is too high. Because of this reason, you will not be able to deliver the optimum amount of water to your garden. Adjust the pressure from the water system hose to avoid high-pressure flow.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, with this 4-step guide to adjust the sprinkler heads, you will have a much easier hand at watering your lawn.  Make sure you identify the sprinkler head before you begin. Try experimenting with different pressure levels and ranges of water to choose the one that suits your garden the best.

For a healthier lawn, try to maintain a proper water delivery system and remove the growing weed. Don’t have proper tools to remove weeds from the lawn? I have reviewed the best weed removal tools here.

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