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Are Zero Turn Mowers Dangerous? (Safety Options Explained)

Summers are about to end, and your lawn still awaits your attention. What’s holding you back from trimming your backyard? Don’t tell me you are afraid of riding a lawn mower. Well, if this really is the case, do not worry. It’s common. Don’t tell anyone, but I too, fear riding a lawn mower, especially if it’s a zero-turn lawn mower. Are zero turn mowers dangerous to ride?

Well, no cutting machine is unsafe if you are using it with care. But, if you are an amateur and doing things carelessly, even a cake-cutting knife can be dangerous. The same goes for zero-turn lawn mowers too. They can be dangerous if used without proper safety measures. All in all, zero-turn mowers are dangerous if used carelessly.

Now, if you are not satisfied with this little information, I have a treasure waiting for you. Follow this article to the end, and I will elaborate to you why zero-turn mowers are dangerous and how you can use them safely.

Are Zero Turn Mowers Dangerous?

To be honest, I find zero-turn mowers dangerous to operate, and there are certain reasons for it. If you look at a zero-turn lawn mower, you will find its back tires are quite bigger than the front ones. Along with it, the engine of these mowers is also on the back side, just beneath the seat you sit on.

Are zero turn mowers dangerous?

These two are the factors that enhance the maneuverability and speed of the mower, but on the other hand, these two things are responsible for most of the accidents related to zero-turn mowers. First, due to the large tires, the engine on the back, and your weight applied too, the mower has the chance to turnover, leading to severe injuries.

Believe it or not, during 2013-15, an average of 35,000 people registered lawn mower-related injuries, and some died too due to severe injuries. So, this is sure that zero-turn mowers are dangerous if used carelessly. Now, do not be afraid. You can still use zero-turn lawnmowers with certain parameters checked.

How Dangerous Are Zero Turn Mowers?

Now, you know well whether zero-turn mowers are dangerous or not. But do you know how dangerous they are? Well, the danger relating to a zero-turn mower depends on the conditions you are using it in.

Slopes and Zero Turn Mower: The Worst Match

Are zero turn mowers dangerous?

In most cases, we run zero-turn mowers on plains as they are fast and they cut easily. But, there are times when you have to run them on the slopes. Well, this must be something to worry about. Zero-turn mowers are bad when run on slopes. And, if the slope exceeds 15 degrees, the mower may turnover, leading to severe injuries.

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Wet Grass: Nightmare for Zero Turn Mower Riders

Moving forward, there is nothing more dangerous than running a zero-turn mower on a wet slope. Like all other mowers, zero-turn mowers are bad when run on wet grass. They might slip and cause injuries to the rider.

Cuts: Do Not Fall Victim to It

The worst thing about a zero-turn or any lawn mower is accidental cuts. This is something that you must worry about. Zero-turn mowers have a fast-running blade, and if by chance you get cut by it, things will surely go south for you. These cuts might lead to severe injuries and if help doesn’t arrive, these are the things that lead a person to death. So, be very careful while riding a zero-turn lawn mower.

Reverse Gear: The Best and Worst Thing About Zero Turn Mower

Zero-turn mowers are some of those rare mowers that can run backward too. Sounds amazing. Right? But, this is the worst thing about this mower if the rider is an amateur. Most of the time, while mowing the lawn, we turn on high music in our ears and enjoy the process. And this is something you must not do.

Most of the cases relating to zero-turn mowers are because the rider ran over kids. While reversing, most of the riders do not look back, and if there are kids or people around, you might injure them. So, if you are using reverse gear, be careful. Minor negligence may lead to severe injury.

How to Operate Zero Turn Mowers Safely?

Are zero turn mowers dangerous?

Run Slowly: The Best Way to Operate Safely: Running Slowly is the best option to avoid injuries and for smooth grass cutting.

Do Never Take Sharp Turns: One of the main reasons for rollovers is sharp turns. So, avoid sharp turns for smooth maneuverability.

Have All Safety Features Onboard: Running without safety features is one of the biggest mistakes while mowing. So, before getting to the field, ensure everything is working finely.

Always Wear Protective Equipment: Riding a lawn mower without safety equipment is the worst you will do to yourself. Always wear protective gear for an easy run.

Turn Off The Blade When Not On Seat: This is the least you can do to avoid injuries. Always turn off the blades when you are away from the mower.

Do Not Operate Without Seat Belt: To stay safe from injuries, you must never forget to wear a seat belt while riding a lawn mower.

Do Never Ride With Kids: Riding with kids is the worst mistake while riding a zero-turn lawn mower. Avoid it to stay away from injuries.

Wear Closed Toe Shoes: This is what keeps your feet safe from sharp blades and any other thing that might hurt you while riding.

Do Not Operate On High And Wet Slopes: Zero-turn mowers are not good for high slopes, and if the grass is wet, the chances of slipping and rolling over increase a lot. So, do not ride on high slopes and wet grass.

Safety Options Every Mower Must Have Installed

Are zero turn mowers dangerous?

No mower must be bought without ensuring certain safety features. Today, most lawnmowers come with basic safety features. But, if you are going to bet on a zero-turn lawn mower, you must ensure to have the below-mentioned safety features on board. This helps you operate with ease.

Handle Lever: The Most Important Thing

Are zero turn mowers dangerous? (safety options explained)

Suppose you are getting a zero-turn lawn mower, a handle lever must-have safety features in it. This lever helps you to turn off the blade and the engine of the mower in case of emergency. Having this will save time while turning off the engine of the mower.

Back Flaps: A Must-Have Thing

Are zero turn mowers dangerous? (safety options explained)

Back flaps are one of the most crucial things in a zero-turn lawn mower. These flaps ensure that no grass shoots out from the back of the lawn mower.

Blade Brake Control

This is something that you must not miss if you are going to get a zero-turn lawn mower. In case of any emergency, the blade brake control allows you to quickly turn off the blade reducing the chances and intensity of injuries.

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Rollover Protection System

While mowing on the slopes, rollover protection is a must. Without it, you will be doing nothing but increasing your injury chances due to rollovers. So, if you need to mow onto the slopes, ensure to have a rollover protection system.

Seat Belt: Do Not Operate Without It

This is not a thing to tell, but I must say that you must not use your lawn mower without a seat belt. This helps you avoid many severe injuries. And, if you accidentally roll over the mower, the belt will keep you on the seat to avoid close contact with the blades.

Seat Safety Switch: Do Not Miss It

The absence of this system is what leads people to think that zero-turn mowers are dangerous or not. The Seat Safety Switch turns off the engine and the blade when the rider is not in the seat. So, ensure to have this system on board.

Are Zero Turn Mowers Good For Sloppy Areas?

To be honest, zero-turn lawnmowers are not so good in sloppy areas. Though they are used on slopes, too, it is never suggested to use them on slopes over 15 degrees. Doing this will increase the chances of rolling over, and also it affects the lawn mowing.

So, if you are thinking of having a lawn mower for high slopes, a zero-turn lawn mower is not the best option. But, if you have one, make sure to run it horizontally on slopes and not vertically. This is how you can manage to mow with ease.


Are zero-turn mowers dangerous is still a question for a lot? However, at this stage, you know well how a zero-turn mower can be dangerous and how you will be able to operate it with ease. Mowing a lawn with a zero-turn mower is easy, but ensuring safety is important too. So, if you have a zero-turn mower, you must get through the above details and acknowledge it for easy operations.

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