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5 Tips to Mow Your Lawn Like a Professional ‎

Don’t you love it when your lawn is all in shape, green, and lively? Of course, everyone does! Now you can also mow your lawn like a pro. If you are new to lawn care, it won’t be easy to figure out how to mow your lawn like a pro at first. With time you will get used to it and find it a fun experience.

Today, I will give you some handy tips about mowing your lawn like a professional. Let’s be honest; an uneven lawn can be very annoying. You don’t have to spend a huge amount to make your lawn appear better when you can do it yourself.

Mow your lawn like a professional ‎

A simple rule of thumb is never to cut your grass way too short. Also, make sure you never mow your lawn when it is not wet, and mow your garden in the winter or less hot weather.

It is important to know how to mow your lawn like a pro to enjoy the most out of it and avoid unnecessary issues in the future. In the next section, I will discuss some quick tips on how to have that professional cut to your lawn.

Quick Tips to Mow Your Lawn Like a Pro

Mowing your lawn by yourself can help you save up to $1200 yearly. The process might seem a bit difficult at first, but when you master it, you will have the most fun doing it by yourself. Here are some of the most straightforward tips you can follow to have that pro-look to your lawn.

Mow Before It Gets Too Hot Outside!

5 tips to mow your lawn like a professional ‎

You can save your garden from many harmful diseases and pest invasions if you decide to mow it in the winter season. Mowing in cold temperatures will help your grass lock in moisture, and this way, it will remain as green as ever.

Long grassroots won’t be blocked by winter winds getting sunlight and air. As the weather gets cooler and damper, air circulation is important to keep mold, fungi, and moss from taking over your grass. Also, it is easier to spot patches of grass and provide good seeding so that you have a lush and healthy lawn come spring.

Change the Mowing Directions Frequently

5 tips to mow your lawn like a professional ‎

Changing mowing directions will give your lawn that natural and neat look. What happens is that when you mow in the same direction, your lawn will have that stripped look which is pretty much annoying. For this reason, try to mow in different directions.

I did mine in one direction across the lawn at first and then went in the perpendicular direction to the previous one. This worked best for me, but you can try as many directions as possible.

Look for the Blades of the Mower

5 tips to mow your lawn like a professional ‎

A lawnmower with brittle blades can be very frustrating. Make sure your blades are well sharped (see also my article: How to Sharpen Your Mower Blade? | 6 Easy & Safe Steps) before every use to avoid this. The sharpness of your lawnmower blades is a must for mowing your lawn like a pro. You can use a grinding wheel or some other filer to sharpen your tools.

A rotary mower is also a good option out there. If you are going to mow your lawn with a rotary mower, make sure that you use the right amount of blades. A rotary mower usually comes with three blades, but only two of them should be used at first. This is because you can use the third blade to finish the job. Also, if you are using only two blades, it’s best to start mowing at an angle.

Don’t Be in a Hurry!

You cannot expect mowing to last for about 5-10 minutes unless you have a tiny lawn. Mowing is a very careful process, and you need to give it a bit of time. Sundays can be the best! If you speed up your process, you might miss some spots. This will give you uneven patches and, of course, an unusual look to your lawn.

5 tips to mow your lawn like a professional ‎

As a beginner, I would always suggest starting very slowly and gradually. In this way, you will also be able to know your lawn better and which cut will best suit your lawn. When you are an expert at handling the mower, then you can speed up the process. Remember guys to be careful to avoid getting injured.

Keep One-Third Length of the Grass

5 tips to mow your lawn like a professional ‎

Never mow your lawn way too short; instead, maintain that one-third length of the grass in your lawn. This would be roughly 8 cm tall and not less than that. This will prevent your lawn from the invasion by weeds. It is the grass that produces food through photosynthesis. As you cut your grass shorter, your lawn produces fewer nutrients. You will have to fertilize yourself if you cut off the lawn’s food source!

Water Infrequently

5 tips to mow your lawn like a professional ‎

I do not advise watering every time; it is better to water the lawn deeply but infrequently. This way, you will allow your lawn to have moderate drought stress and deeper roots. Plus, the soil also can get hold of water and store it for later, so there is no need to water it several times throughout the day.

Also, the irrigation system must be maintained infrequently to wet the soil only up to 6 inches deep. This is the water level for my lawn; your lawn might need an inch or half an inch of more or less water depending upon its texture. Infrequent irrigation or watering will also help build the turf in a better way that will just be a blessing for your lawn.

What Tools Can I Use for Mowing Lawns?

The most important tools you will need for mowing include; a lawnmower, soil rake, soil knife, string trimmer, and spreader. If you don’t know how to choose the best lawn or string trimmer, then you can have a look at The Best Walk Behind String Trimmer in 2022. I am sure these picks aren’t going to disappoint you.

I believe to consider factors like; the type of lawn, the size of the lawn, the mower’s power and weight, and the user’s ‎experience and preferences when selecting the best lawn mower for yourself. Here’s a video guide explaining how to choose the best lawn mower for yourself

The most important thing when choosing the best lawnmowers is safety. Make sure that it is not too heavy; it may be difficult to control if it is too heavy. For the blades, part makes sure that you get one that has the right blade width. Blades are available in various widths, from 3 inches to 10 inches selection will depend on the size of your lawn.

What Precautionary Measures to Follow While Mowing Lawn?

A few precautionary measures should be taken while mowing a lawn. You must wear safety gloves, hearing protection, long pants, and goggles. Besides that, make sure you never get in contact with the lawnmower blade, even if it is unplugged. This will help prevent any injuries if the lawnmower blades come into contact with your finger.

Avoid mowing when there are kids on the lawn. And I do not suggest leaving mowing tools on the lawn as you never know what might happen. Always store them in the store after using them.

What Is The Best Time Of The Day To Mow Your Lawn?

The best time of the day to mow your lawn is in the evening or early in the morning when the temperatures are low. This way, the grass is not as dry, and the blades of grass are not as brittle.

Mowing the lawn in the middle of the day can result in an uneven cut and even breakage of the blades. Also, the grass will have enough time to dry its dew and will give you some perky and strong grass blades.


How Often Do I Need To Mow My Lawn?

You must mow your lawn once a week; this will maintain the lawn at a perfect level and help you get rid of uneven patches. The mowing time will also depend on how quickly your lawn grows.

If your lawn grows very quickly, then there are chances you might need to mow it once every three days. If your lawn is like mine and the grass growth is in the mid-range, you can go for the weekly mowing rule.

What Is the Quickest Possible Way To Mow Your Lawn?‎

If you don’t have much time to mow your lawn, work on rows and quickly have your ‎lawn in the best texture. Mowing in rows works the fastest for lawns that are somehow ‎compact in size. ‎

For wider lawns, mowing in rows will not work for you. With a wider lawn, you need to ‎mow in horizontal rows to eliminate the uneven grass all around your lawn.

You may need to consider a zero-turn mower if you desire serious power and mobility when mowing your lawn. The zero-turn mower lets you make impossibly tight turns quickly and easily. The mower may be perfect for those with demanding yards. I have picked the best ones and compiled a review at 7 Best Small Zero Turn Mowers For Your Garden. You should check them out if you are a comfort lover and want to mow with no hassle.

Do I Need To Fertilize My Lawn After Mowing?‎

It is best to fertilize your lawn just after you are done mowing. A good lawn ‎requires water, the best lawn fertilizer, and regular mowing to keep it in the best condition possible. ‎If you don’t know how much fertilizer your lawn will need, check my article How Much Fertilizer Should I Use On My Lawn?‎

After mowing the lawn, the fertilizers can settle in a much better way. Because the soil ‎is free of clippings or grass blades, a fertilizer in this scenario will fit into the soil in the ‎best way possible. ‎

Manual or Automatic Lawn Mower?‎

If you are an expert, I suggest going for the automatic lawn mower because it is difficult ‎to tackle at first. For beginners like me, I suggest going for the manual lawnmowers.‎

Manual lawnmowers are typically operated with a handle and a blade that cuts the ‎grass. Automatic lawnmowers use a power cord and a blade to cut the grass. Going for a manual lawnmower is better to cut energy consumption and bills. ‎

Final Words

To sum it up, ‎you don’t need to be an expert at it to mow your lawn like a professional. You can start slow and give yourself some time until you become a pro at it. Make sure to follow the precautionary measure beforehand to mow your lawn.

To mow your lawn like a pro, water it infrequently, maintain the 1/3rd length of the grass, avoid mowing in the hot weather, change the mowing directions often, and give yourself some time to master this art.

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