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How Long Do Zero Turn Lawn Mowers Last?

Anyone who owns a garden wants it to look fresh and in good shape. However, managing a garden is as hard as managing a newborn for first-time parents. For garden management, many tools and gadgets are required, but the thing you need the most is a lawn mower. And, if you ask me, I would suggest a zero-turn lawn mower. But, how much will it cost and How Long Do Zero Turn Lawn Mowers Last ?

To be precise, a zero-turn mower is one of the best mowers and its lifespan depends on how it has been kept. A zero-turn lawn mower, kept with care, can last as long as 2000 hours with no issues faced. This is the average zero-turn lawn mower lifespan if kept with care.

Now, you must have been asking what exactly I mean by taking care of a lawn mower and is 2000 hours a good life. For this, I am offering you this compact yet informative review that will help you know everything about the life of a zero-turn lawn mower. You’re just a few scrolls away from knowing everything about the life and management of a zero-turn lawn mower.

What is a zero-turn lawn mower?

A zero-turn lawn mower is a normal lawn mower with a zero-degree turning radius. This is something that helps a lot while cutting your lawn. It can move in any direction with ease like a battle tank.

If you want more clarification, keep in mind that these lawnmowers can turn 360 on their axis.

How Long Do Zero Turn Lawn Mowers Last

How long do zero turn lawn mowers last

As discussed above, a lawn mowers lifespan depends on how you keep and maintain it. But, if you want to know how long riding lawn mowers last on average, then the answer would be 1500 to 2000 hours. Though there are some zero-turn lawnmowers with a lifespan of 3000+ hours, this all depends on how they are used and kept.

If you keep them with care and change their oil on time, it is possible to keep your lawn mower good for even 3000+ hours. However, if you use the lawn mower roughly, then no matter how good the machine is and how much you spent on it, the lawn mower will die way before its average life.

All in all, there are some zero-turn lawnmowers with a life of over 3000+ hours, and I have witnessed some that died even before completing 1000 hours. So, it all depends on your way of using it. If you are looking for the zero turn-mower with the best lifespans, here are some of the best zero turn lawn mowers for you to choose from.

5 Effective ways to help your zero turn lawn mower last long

Zero turn mower maintenance

I have come up with some useful ways that will help you add some extra hours to your lawn mower lifespan. So, I suggest you religiously follow the five suggestions listed below.

Clean and tune your lawn mower Regularly

It is consistent with all mechanical machines that if you want them to survive long and perform well, you need to tune them regularly. Whether I talk about a car, a bike, or a zero-turn lawn mower, all of them require proper tuning and cleaning.

The reason behind it is simple. With time, these machines attract dirt particles that join hands with grease and make it hard for the engine to work well. For this, you need to tune your machine’s engine.

If you are professional, you can do it at home while using regular petrol and a cleaning brush. But, if you are an amateur and know only a thing or two about lawn mowers, I ask you to get some helping hands. Consult an expert and ask them to tune and clean your lawn mower.

This will help you enhance the engine performance of your zero-turn lawn mower.

Do not forget to change oil and oil filters on time

To help your lawn mower piston move smoothly, you need to change the oil and oil filter of the machine on time. In a lawn mower, oil is as important as water is for fish. It helps the engine run smoothly with little friction.

So, it would help if you timely change your lawn mower oil. Now, when I talk about changing oil, it is also important to change oil filters on time. An oil filter helps to extract the contaminants from the oil. It ensures to provide clean oil to the engine so that there are no contaminants left in it.

Therefore, while changing the oil, have a look at the oil filter, too, and if it needs to be changed, do not delay it. It would surely help you keep your lawn mower in good shape.

Keep an eye on the spark plug

If you do not know, then I am here to tell you that a spark plug is used to offer a spark to ignite the fuel mixture for an explosion. The explosion caused by the spark plug helps to generate power for the machine.

So, if you are concerned about the life of your lawn mower, don’t forget to change the spark plug on time. A spark plug is the most crucial element of any machine, and if it malfunctions, you will have a lot of things to worry about.

With a lousy spark plug, the power generation will reduce, fuel economy will mitigate considerably, and the machine will misfire. A bad spark plug may result in an out-of-order lawn mower if ignored for a long time.

Ensure proper care of the tires

Zero turn mower tyres

The tires of a lawn mower are something that bears most of the pressure. And this is why they retire first. Though tires are not linked to the motor of your lawn mower, the poor condition of tires may affect the balance of the lawn mower. Also, bad tires will affect your garden too.

So, it is suggested to change your lawn mower tires when they are in need to be changed. This will help you run the machine smoothly.

Keep the blade of the mower sharp and clean.

You may know it or not, but the blades of a lawn mower are the most fragile part. Blades are in direct contact with grass. So, it is essential to clean your lawn mower blades after every single use. Not doing this will develop access residue over them, which may also affect their productivity.

How long do zero turn lawn mowers last?

If the blades are made of iron, they may catch rust, and even if they are of stainless steel, there are chances of losing the sharpness due to lack of care. So, after every use, clean the blades with a smooth cloth to keep them sharp and in shape.


I am about to conclude the talks, and I am sure that you know quite well how long riding lawn mowers last. I have guided you about everything above that you need to know about the zero-turn lawn mower lifespan. Also, I ensured to enrich you with some useful ways to help your lawn mower last long. However, if you need additional assistance, leave me a comment. I will surely get back to you.

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