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Revitalize Your Lawn: The BEST Lawn Fertilizers in 2023

I had always thought that rainfall and soil would provide enough nutrients for the luscious green lawn I have always dreamed of. However, later, a friend explained that green plants require additional nutrients to grow up to their fullest potential. So obviously, the next quest for me was to get the best lawn fertilizer in 2022 for my lawn.

My lawn already had been looking dull, and it was evident that the lack of nutrients was making all of the greens appear yellow. If you are also looking for something magical to revive your long-lost garden, then have a read at my today’s article. Here I will introduce you to some of the best lawn fertilizers in 2022 that I have tried and tested. 

In this article, I will also reveal to you what exactly goes into lawn fertilizers and the best times of the year to apply them. Additionally, I will also be breaking down these fertilizers depending on the type of lawn you have.  

Remember that every lawn is different and requires specialized care. So, the key to unlocking your lawn’s true potential lies in the type of fertilizer you use to feed it. Carry on reading to find an expert buyer’s guide before purchasing your fertilizer, or jump straight to our best pick here.

What Should I Look For When Buying Lawn Fertilizer?

There are dozens of different kinds of fertilizers on the market today, each claiming to be the best fertilizer for specific reasons. However, what is most important is finding the fertilizer that is best for your unique lawn and its specific needs.

Here we will be breaking down a few important criteria to consider before purchasing a new lawn fertilizer so that you can narrow down your search and easily choose the one that will work best for your lawn.

Type of Fertilizer

There are three main types of lawn fertilizer. These include organic, synthetic, and liquid. Organic fertilizers are derived from all-natural ingredients which means that they are naturally occurring in soil. Organically sourced fertilizers contain zero chemicals and will not pose a threat to pets or wildlife.

When using organic fertilizers, you also will not need to worry about water pollution, which can be a major concern if you live near a well-established water source. Organic fertilizers tend to take longer to activate than synthetic, however, so a level of patience is required when using them.

Synthetic fertilizers contain all of the nutrients that your lawn needs but are derived from chemical versions of these nutrients. Synthetic fertilizers will provide a much faster result in fuller and greener grass and will be much more effective at maintaining weed control than an organic fertilizer can.

However, chemical-based fertilizers can be more dangerous to children, pets, and wildlife, and they will not provide the long-term, soil health benefits that organic can.

The third main type of fertilizer is liquid fertilizer. This type of fertilizer is usually a strong concentration of fertilizer that is mixed with water and then sprayed on your lawn along with the water either from a hose or a large pump sprayer.

Liquid fertilizers work to provide an almost instantaneous effect by soaking the fertilizer into the soil along with the water. Liquid-based fertilizer will be absorbed into grass and soil the fastest, however, it will often need to be applied more frequently than granular fertilizers.

Slow-Release vs. Quick-Release

Another key factor to consider when choosing lawn fertilizer is whether it’s slow-release or quick-release. Quick-release fertilizers deliver nutrients to your grass quickly but can also cause rapid growth spurts that require more frequent mowing. Slow-release fertilizers, on the other hand, deliver nutrients gradually over a longer period, promoting more even growth and reducing the risk of burning your lawn.

Application Process

Depending on which type of fertilizer you choose for your lawn, there is likely to be a different application process for each one. To find a fertilizer that works best for your specific lawn, it is important to find one that will be easy to apply to your yard.

If you own a large yard and need to apply a significant amount of fertilizer during each session, a granular fertilizer that can be applied with a rotary spreader may work best. If you have a smaller lawn, however, a liquid fertilizer may work best as it can be applied more often as needed.


Healthy lawns need several different kinds of nutrients to thrive. The three most important are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Before you begin shopping for the best lawn fertilizer for your lawn, it can help to perform a simple soil test that can tell you the current nutrient levels of your lawn and what nutrients it is most in need of.

When shopping for fertilizers, you will base your purchase upon the NPK ratio of the fertilizer which refers to the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium ratio found in the fertilizer. Depending on the result of your home soil test, you can search for a fertilizer that includes the necessary level of nutrients as well as the secondary nutrients such as hydrogen, calcium, and sulfur that your lawn may need.

Another thing you should keep in mind when thinking about purchasing and using fertilizer is whether it will harm your family or pets. If you own dogs and they have the run of your property, you should really be asking yourself, “Can lawn fertilizer harm dogs?

Still confused? No worries Complete Guide to Using Lawn Fertilizer will help you out.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Lawn Fertilizer

To determine the best fertilizers for our list, we looked at several different kinds of fertilizers from several different manufacturers to construct a list that will have a fertilizer option for everyone and every type of lawn.

Using our buyer’s guide and the criteria we mentioned above, we carefully researched each type of fertilizer to ensure that it is the best for its primary purpose which is making your lawn as thick and healthy as it can be.

1: Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food (Best Value – All-Purpose)

I always make sure to include the best value pick, so here I am with the Turf Builder Lawn food and trust me, this is one of the best value lawn fertilizers out there. What I loved about this one was how it is priced so well, and the quality was compromised even for a bit. 

Scotts Turf Builder lawn food was an excellent, all-season fertilizer I could use in any season and grass type. This made it ideal for all different types of lawns and weather conditions. 

Let me give you a quick background about the Scotts. It is a lawn care company that has become the leading expert and top retailer in lawn care and fertilization products. Each of the Scotts products is scientifically developed and thoroughly tested by expert lawn scientists to help you achieve the fullest potential of your lawn.

So for the chemical composition part, Scotts Turf Builder had a 32-0-4 NPK ratio, which means that it contained a high amount of nitrogen which helped jumpstart the growth and coloring of my lawn. I had this fertilizer for like 2 months, and trust me. I had never seen my garden this much greener.

This blend contained zero phosphorus, most often needed for new grass and strong root systems. If you are trying to grow new grass, this fertilizer may not be the right choice for you. You can look at my review of the Simple Lawn Solutions fertilizer in this article.

Another thing that I liked here was how Scotts has trademarked All-in-One particle technology into this granular fertilizer helped in promoting a beautiful and even green color and even feed throughout the entire lawn. 

I applied the fertilizer to my lawn every 6-8 weeks, as mentioned on the packet it came in. After using this fertilizer consistently, my lawn could absorb water and nutrients much better than when it was non-treated.

One particularly important factor I noticed about this formula of Scotts Turf Builder is that it is specifically formulated for northern types of grass, which are considered to be cool-season grasses, meaning it may be better for warm-season lawns.

Not to worry, however, if you are from a warm-season climate, then have a look at my take on the Milorganite Fertilizer below. It is one of the best fertilizers for warm-season grasses.

2: Milorganite Fertilizer (Best for Warm Season Grasses)

If you have been living in a region where the climate remains warm all year, a lush green lawn can be your only escape. However, growing a lawn in a warm region requires different nutrients and, therefore, a particular kind of Fertilizer. After many tests and trials, here I am with the best fertilizer for warm-season grasses; the Milorganite fertilizer.

Milorganite fertilizer is an all-purpose lawn food that can be used on all types of grass. However, it is the brand most recommended for the fertilization and care of warm-weather grasses and the sandy soil formations found in the southernmost states of the United States. 

Because I had a huge lawn in my backyard, I wanted to grow some lawns for the golf course I had been dreaming of. And trust me, none of the fertilizers here worked for growing grass for the golf course except this Milorganite fertilizer. After using it consistently, I realized Milorganite was one trusted grass fertilizer for golf courses 

I was happy with how this fertilizer provided slow-release nitrogen feeding without the need for immediate water, which made it very easy to apply and maintain the product.

Everything is kept aside. I am happy how this fertilizer was derived from 85% organic material, which made it an environmentally friendly option. It fed and nourished my lawn with naturally occurring soil microbes. This further made my lawn safe and effective for anyone to enjoy there.

Because of the slow release rate of this fertilizer, it released nutrients at the same rate that grass would use it. This further reduced the fertilizer run-off and kept groundwater leaching at bay.

Milorganite is a slow-release fertilizer with an additional iron supplement that gave my lawn the nutrients required to maintain a rich, long-lasting green color all season long.

I used this fertilizer for like 8-10 weeks, and I am happy to admit that the slow-release technology provided a balanced feed to my lawn. This balanced feed was evident from the fact that the grass was growing evenly all around my garden.

3: Simple Lawn Solutions (Best Liquid Fertilizer)

Revitalize your lawn: the best lawn fertilizers in 2023

Simple Lawn Solutions liquid lawn fertilizer is a fast-acting lawn feed spray that works by giving your lawn a boost of both the macro and micronutrients that it needs to grow greener and thicker.

With an NPK rating of 16-4-8, this liquid fertilizer is a great blend of all the essential nutrients that grass needs to grow. Most of the nutrients found in this fertilizer are also derived from natural sources such as seaweed and fish which makes it organic and safe for the environment.

With a well-balanced blend of nitrogen to give your grass the boost it needs to grow, as well as phosphate to assist with strong root production and potash for protection against disease, this fertilizer is a great all-purpose blend that you can use within the spring and summer months.

This fertilizer is safe to use on all grass types including southern grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass and Florida palmetto. Phosphate will assist in the production of strong roots, while potash will protect against disease.

Customers were impressed with the easy application process of this fertilizer, as well as its quick results. This specific type of fertilizer comes in a bottle that simply attaches to your standard garden hose and then is sprayed along with your hose water over your entire lawn.

4: Pennington UltraGreen Lawn Fertilizer (Best Low Cost)

Pennington UltraGreen lawn fertilizer is an all-purpose fertilizer that can be applied to any lawn type. Its strong defense mechanisms against heat and drought make it ideal for warm and dry climates. It also provides an extended feeding rate of up to 3 months per application.

Formulated with 5% iron and 10.5% nitrogen, it will provide your lawn with an instant boost of color and growth while carefully caring for your lawn’s root structure.

Many satisfied customers compared this product to Scotts top-rated lawn fertilizer which makes this lawn food a great option for the budget-conscious homeowner.

However, it is extremely important to make sure that you test the soil nutrient levels of your lawn before using this product. This product has a 32-0-4 NPK ratio, which is a very high level of nitrogen to be found in fertilizer. While it will help to provide a strong boost to a very nitrogen-deficient lawn, it can prove to be detrimental to the lawn that already has a well-established level of nitrogen.

Too much nitrogen applied to your yard can cause burning and permanent damage. So, before using this product, perform a soil nutrient test to make sure that your lawn can withstand this high level of nitrogen.

5: Scotts Natural Fertilizer (Best Organic Fertilizer)

If you are looking for an organic lawn fertilizer that is safe to use around pets and children and is effective at promoting healthy grass and root growth, Scotts natural lawn food would be an excellent choice.

This highly-rated fertilizer is derived completely from all-natural ingredients, making it safe to use around pets and children. Your lawn can even be walked on and used by your family immediately after application.

Some of the main, natural ingredients used within this fertilizer include bone meal and blood meal which work to deliver the proper nutrients to your lawn safely and naturally.

Scotts Natural fertilizer is safe to use on any type of grass and at any time of the year, making it very versatile and easy to use. It is so safe that it can even be used on new lawns being grown from both seed and sod.

Compared to other organic fertilizers, Scotts Natural includes fast-acting results in as little as 1 to 3 weeks. This 11-2-2 NPK ratio fertilizer is safe to use on all types of lawns and provides much faster results than most organic fertilizers.

Budget Options

Many homeowners mistakenly think that lush, green lawns can only be achieved by the use of an expensive lawn care service or high-end fertilizer brand, but this is just not true. There are several budget-friendly fertilization options on the market today that work great for a wide variety of different lawns and growing locations.

Here we will explore budget-friendly options for each of the three main lawn fertilizer forms including organic, synthetic, and liquid.

1. Purely Organic Lawn Food

Revitalize your lawn: the best lawn fertilizers in 2023

Purely Organic is a budget-friendly, organic fertilizer that is designed to be used on all types of grass from all geographical locations in the United States.

Its purely plant-based formula is created using a rich blend of grains and soy to provide the desired amount of nutrition to your lawn without the adverse effects of other organic fertilizers, such as manure, which can leave a smelly odor behind for days and sometimes even weeks.

The 10-0-2 NPK ratio of this fertilizer will provide your lawn with a healthy level of nitrogen to promote healthy grass growth and a lush, green color without the risk of burning. Its healthy potassium level will also work to promote a strong root system and the thickness of your turf.

2. Vigoro Lawn Fertilizer – Synthetic

Vigoro is a budget-friendly, synthetic lawn fertilizer that promotes even coloring and thick turf development with its 29-0-4 NPK ratio. This fertilizer is designed to be used throughout all seasons and is proven to show results in as little as 72 hours after application.

Vigoro backs its nitrogen-based lawn fertilizer with a no-burn guarantee which guarantees the healthy growth of grass, free from chemical nitrogen burns.

3. Scotts Liquid Turf Builder

Revitalize your lawn: the best lawn fertilizers in 2023

Scotts Liquid Turf Builder is a liquid lawn fertilizer that can be used on any type of grass, however, it is recommended only for use during the active growing season.

This 2-in-1 feeding system will feed your lawn and promote its green coloring while you water it. With its simple-to-use hose attachment system, you can easily spray your lawn with this liquid-based fertilizer while the bottle is attached to your garden hose.

This fertilizer provides quick results which means it may work best as a supplemental fertilizer and not as your exclusive lawn fertilizer.

It is important to note also that while the fertilization solution within the bottle of this product is great and shows proven results, many customers complained about the overall design of the bottle and the fertilization delivery system. Due to the less expensive cost of this fertilizer, less effort was put into the overall design and functionality of the bottle which means it is, unfortunately, prone to leakage and sputtering.

Verdict: Your Best Lawn Fertilizer 

Overall, finding the best lawn fertilizers for your lawn depends greatly upon where you live, which type of grass you are growing, and the current nutrient levels of your lawn. Once you get this vital information, the search for the best type of fertilizer for your unique lawn type will become a breeze.

To review our findings in this article, we have formulated a quick verdict that can help you make your final decision.

If you want the best value for money, pick the Scotts Turf Builder. This fertilizer is a great all-purpose choice for all different types of lawns, and it can be used throughout all seasons.

If you need a fast-acting, liquid fertilizer, pick the Simple Lawn Solutions Liquid Fertilizer. This liquid fertilizer comes in a well-designed and easy-to-use application bottle and provides your lawn with the perfect blend of nutrients that it needs to thrive.

If you want to keep the price under $25, choose any of our budget-friendly choices shown above. We have included a budget-friendly option for all three main types of fertilizer.

The dream of a greener and healthier lawn is not that far away. With some education about what your lawn needs nutritionally, you will be able to find a fertilization method that will work best for your unique lawn helping it reach its fullest potential.

FAQs About The Best Lawn Fertilizer

How often should I fertilize the lawn?

Fertilize your lawn 3 to 4 times a year for optimal growth and health.

What is the best lawn fertilizer ratio?

A balanced fertilizer ratio like 3:1:2 (N-P-K) is often recommended for most lawns.

What is the best lawn fertilizer schedule?

Fertilize your lawn in early spring, late spring, early fall, and late fall for best results.

What is the best fertilizer for grass in fall?

Choose a fall lawn fertilizer with a higher potassium content (the last number in the N-P-K ratio), promoting root growth and winter hardiness.

How much lawn fertilizer do I need?

The amount of lawn fertilizer needed depends on factors like grass type, soil quality, and specific product instructions. Follow package recommendations based on your lawn’s size and needs.

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