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7 Best-Selling Walk-Behind Leaf Blowers

Having a beautiful lawn is all good, but the real problem comes when you have to clean it up now and then. Trust me, cleaning all the dead leaves and debris is not a piece of cake, but with the right tool, you will be right.

Today I will introduce you to some of the best Walk-Behind Leaf Blowers. By the end of this article, I will also tell you some of the quick tips you can follow to buy the best walk-behind leaf blower for your garden.

I do know how hard it can be to clean up your lawn while you have to attend a meeting or two. No more worries because these walk-behind leaf blowers are all you need. So, let’s get started with the first pick!

1. Little Wonder 99170-03-01 C5 leaf blower

Top Pick


“Even though the discharge chute is adjustable it is fixed once the collar is tightened. On uneven terrain, you can raise or lower the chute by pushing down on the handle and it works well.”
Joseph Sahlen

  • Brand: Mantis
  • Air Flow Capacity: 1150 CFM
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds

If you have never used a walk-behind leaf blower, you must purchase the Little Wonder Leaf Blower. The high-quality build and impressive blowing power it offers are incredible.

This blower is powered by a 170cc Subaru SP170 engine, which can deliver airflow of 1150CFM. With this powerful walk-behind blower, you can clear out the huge dead leaves piles just in seconds.

Another feature that made me love this leaf blower is the adjustable nozzle that helps to have your desired direction of the air. This leaf blower comes with adjustable heights according to what seems comfortable to you. Adjustable height is a big plus for this leaf blower that works on uneven grounds.

7 best-selling walk-behind leaf blowers

It has a comfortable handle with an ergonomic grip padded to reduce vibrations and make it less clumsy to use. If you are looking for a high-end walk-behind leaf blower, I definitely recommend this!

  • Easy to store
  • Powerful blower
  • Comfortable to use
  • High-quality engine
  • Expensive

2. Landworks Super Duty Walk-Behind Leaf Blower



“It is a good value blower without breaking your wallet. Why spend a thousand dollars for 4 months to use a piece of equipment? Just wish it had a throttle control lever.”
Scott Duewson

  • Brand: Landworks
  • Air Flow Capacity: ‎2000 CFM‎
  • Weight: 129 pounds

If you have a huge lawn to look after and a super busy schedule, then the Landworks walk-behind leaf blower is the one you need to go for. It is one of the best heavy-duty leaf blowers that come with wheels. The wheel design makes it easy to move it from one place to another.

This leaf blower is the most powerful one because it comes with a 212cc engine with a 4-stroke operation. It requires less maintenance and is easy to operate without any hassle.

Landworks walk-behind leaf blower comes with a maximum airflow capacity of 2000 CFM. The rotational speed for this is 3600 RPM, and it also comes with a 13.5-inch heavy-duty metal impeller.

The steel construction of the machine is a cherry on top, and it also has an adjustable flow angle of 90 degrees. The design of this walk-behind leaf blower is very efficient and durable. I recommend this to anyone looking for a wheeled walk-behind leaf blower.

  • Solid wheel construction
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Strong blowing power
  • One-pull start design
  • A bit on the heavier side

3. Merry Mac LB1450ICEZM Walk Behind Leaf Blower

Merry mac walk-behind leaf and debris blower model number lb1450icezm


“This is a BEAST! It literally takes bark off of trees! My backyard would take me about 25 hours with a handheld unit, but now took only 2!!! If you research comparable blowers are definitely the best value in terms of cost versus output (MPH and CFM). Great product!”
Jeffrey Zunich

  • Brand: Merry Mac
  • Air Flow Capacity: ‎‎2000 CFM‎
  • Weight: 115 pounds

If you have been looking for a walk-behind leaf blower that isn’t heavy, then the Merry mac is a perfect choice. With a lightweight design and powerful engine, this walk-behind leaf blower is a master at saying goodbye to dead leaves and debris.

The maximum airflow capacity for this walk-behind leaf blower is 2000 CFM, which is huge! This power is enough to have your lawn clear in a snap. With a 305cc engine, this walk-behind leaf blower is something everyone needs for their lawns.

The noise level for this walk-behind leaf blower is incredibly lower than any other leaf blowers on the market. So, with this one, you will never have to annoy your neighbors with those weird loud noises.

In terms of efficiency, it has a 4-stroke engine and is equipped with rotating wheels that make it easy to move it around. And weighing 115 pounds, it is lighter than other models in the marketplace.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Powerful leaf blower
  • Affordable
  • Compact unit
  • Not for spacious lawns

4. Southland SWB163150E Walk Behind Leaf Blower

Southland swb163150e walk behind leaf blower


“I bought this a few years ago, don’t remember the price. Right out of the box, I couldn’t get it started. Eventually, I figured out the directions to push the primer bulb 10x to start didn’t work. I have to pump it 20x and then when it starts I need to keep pumping the primer bulb till it warms up a little. Once I figured that out, it runs fine.”
John Yee

  • Brand: Southland Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Air Flow Capacity: 1200 CFM
  • Weight: 95 pounds

The Southland walk-behind leaf blower is for those who aren’t big fans of huge machines and have small lawns. It comes with a manual recoil, and an easy-to-start system, and is best for beginners.

It comes with an awesome speed of 150 miles per hour with an air capacity of 1200 CFM. This airflow capacity is four times more powerful than any tiny backpack blower.

This walk-behind blower is not known to vibrate like ordinary ones. Because it features a 163cc engine and comes with steel fans, it makes fewer vibrations possible. The tapered crankshaft gives this machine the extra durability to last for ages.

7 best-selling walk-behind leaf blowers

It is also equipped with a discharge chute at one side and a front flow attachment. You can keep these attachments underneath the frame when not in use and have them outside when using them.

  • Easy to master
  • Decent airflow capacity
  • Easy to start
  • Quality construction
  • The wheels are too narrow

5. Billy Goat F902H Walk Behind Leaf Blower

Billy goat f902h walk behind leaf blower


“Great product, easy to use, and gets the job done.”
Edward Barron

  • Brand: Billy Goat
  • Air Flow Capacity: 1700 CFM
  • Weight: 165 pounds

Can’t push those heavy walk-behind leaf blowers? If yes, then the lightweight Billy Goat is just more than awesome. It is self-propelled, and you will feel zero pressure while using this one.

The Billy Goat also has an adjustable air direction nozzle that makes it easy for you to adjust the direction of the air. Because of the tubular steel frame, it has rock-solid durability.

Here the machine is equipped with a powerful 262cc 4-stroke engine by Honda. And you can expect the premium performance it will deliver. It has a maximum wind speed of around 200mph with an airflow capacity of 1,700CFM. This is the perfect gadget you need to step up your lawn care game.

7 best-selling walk-behind leaf blowers

You don’t need to learn any technical skills to use this one. It is easy to operate with an automatic mechanical decompression system. There is no need to pull it up again and again; only a pull or two will work fine.

  • Exceptional air power
  • Efficient engine
  • Self-propelling
  • Comes with a nozzle
  • Expensive

6. Mantis Little Wonder Optimax Leaf Blower

Mantis little wonder optimax leaf blower


“Started on 2nd pull. Best blower for large areas…totally controllable and rolls easily.”
Daniel Vullemier

  • Brand: Mantis
  • Air Flow Capacity: 1397 CFM
  • Weight: 153 pounds

Looking for a medium-range walk-behind leaf blower? Look no further than the Mantis little wonder Optimax leaf blower. This walk-behind leaf blower will help you get rid of dead leaves in a few seconds.

Suitable for medium-sized lawns, this leaf blower comes with a 160cc 4-stroke engine by Honda. This engine is known to be the most efficient one and generates less smoke.

It runs at a speed of 153 MPH, having an airflow capacity of 1397CFM. This speed can blow up dry and wet leaves from your lawn. The efficiency of this leaf blower is just outstanding.

7 best-selling walk-behind leaf blowers

Made from single-cut steel, it rests on tree tires at the base. This makes it easy to move it from one place to another. The unit remains stable if you are working on concrete or any other rough surface.

  • Powerful engine
  • Ergonomic design
  • Efficient propeller
  • Powerful blow
  • Heavy

7. SuperHandy Ultra Duty Walk Behind Blower

Superhandy ultra duty walk behind blower


“Don’t listen to the negative reviews. This is a great leaf blower for a very good price point. Came very well packaged and was easy to assemble.”
Brad Degan

  • Brand: super handy
  • Air Flow Capacity: 2000 CFM
  • Weight: 129 pounds

The super handy walk-behind leaf blower is a must-have for beginners who want to keep their lawn clean. It comes with a powerful engine of 212cc 4-stroke gas engine.

The machine operates at 200MPH and can blow air at 2000 CFM. It clears out large piles of leaves without any effort. Having three wheels at the base makes it very easy to push.

It has a low oil sensor that automatically shuts the engine when the fuel level is below safe operation. This walk-behind leaf blower has a 90-degree adjustable angle to make it easy to blow leaves no matter where they are.

If you need a walk-behind leaf blower for occasional purposes, go for the super handy ultra-duty walk-behind leaf blower. The comfortable handle and swivel front wheels make it perfect for getting hold of it. Here is a video demonstration of the super handy ultra-duty walk-behind blower.

  • Powerful airflow capacity
  • Easy to operate
  • Strong engine
  • Sturdy build
  • The three-wheel design is a bit clumsy to control

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Walk-Behind Leaf ‎Blower

If you are certain that a walk-behind leave blower is what you need for your lawn, you need to consider some points before making any purchase. These points made my selection for a walk-behind leave blower as easy as a piece of cake. So, let’s get onto them one by one!

Air Flow Capacity

This is the most important thing to notice when you are thinking of purchasing a walk-behind leave blower. You are buying a blower to have your lawn clean of dead leaves and debris, so you need to buy one with a good airflow capacity.

The airflow capacity measures how much blow a machine can deliver. This capacity is measured in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). The better this rating is, the more powerful your blower will be and the more efficient it will be at blowing up dead leaves and debris.

Plus high CFM rating will cut your time to clean the lawn into less than half, and I am sure you will love that! Eventually, a higher CFM rating means that the fuel consumption would be much higher than a blower with low CFM rating.

The Engine of the Blower

You need to ensure that the blower’s engine is well-known and efficient enough to last long. Briggs & Stratton and Honda are some of the well-known companies that produce powerful engines.

Usually, the size of the engine is measured in ccs, and this power ranges from 100cc to 500ccs. The higher the CC power, the better will be the engine and the more efficient your blower will be.

Type of Engine

There are two kinds of leaf blowers: a 2-stroke blower, whereas the other is a 4-stroke blower. A 2-stroke blower provides an efficient performance but is not easy to maintain and is not suitable for beginners. A 2-stroke blower operates by using a mixture of gas and oil.

On the other hand, a 4-stroke leaf blower requires zero to no maintenance and is eco-friendly. They operate by pure gas, and you don’t need to make any mixture for that as with the 2-stroke engines.


Usually, the more powerful the machine is, the heavier it is, but you have to make sure to purchase one that is not too heavy or too light. Make sure the weight and the power are well adjusted because you will have to push the blower all around your yard, and if it is heavy, it will make you tired.

The ones I have reviewed here can probably range from 80 pounds to 135 pounds. A heavier one will require a lot of pressure to move around. If you are not in favor of pushing, you can purchase a self-propelling leave blower.

Such blowers can move on their own, and all you have to do is guide them but remember they do not come in small sizes they are huge.

Power Source

Because you will buy a walk-behind leaf blower, you will have to supply it with some power beforehand. This power source can be in the form of gas or even electricity.

Till now, I have come across a lot of leaf blowers powered by gas, whereas there were very few that were powered by electricity. Most of the lawn owners I came across rely on gas-powered leaf blowers because they are easy to maintain.

One thing that I don’t like about gas-powered blowers is their non-eco-friendly emissions. Also, they tend to make a lot of noise when working. Both power sources have pros and cons, but you can go for the one that fits your requirements.


As it is a walk-behind blower, it would be not easy to move it around if it doesn’t have a proper handle. The handle should be comfortable to grip and durable enough to withstand wear and tear. A good handle will be padded and not make your hands sore or slippery when sweaty.


I would be honestly lying to you about you having a leaf blower that has zero noise. Walk-behind leaf blowers are long known for their loud noises. We cannot do much about it, but we can choose the one that is somehow less noisy.

Space and Storage

Walk-behind leaf blowers are huge, and you might often have a hard time storing them. Make sure you are purchasing a leaf blower that has a foldable handle so you can fold the handle and store it until your next use.

Final Words

To sum it up, walk-behind leaf blowers can be a great blessing to get rid of dead leaves in a few seconds. All of the picks here are included after thorough research; make sure to check the type of engine, airflow capacity, power source, and other factors mentioned here before investing in a good walk-behind leaf blower.

One thing a leaf blower cannot do is clean out all the dirt, moss, and build-up that happens on concrete, stones, pavements, and other areas. To clean this up you need the Rock&Rocker Powerful Electric Pressure Washer. It’s one of the best pressure washers that I’ve come across. So, to find out more about the Rock&Rocker Powerful Electric Pressure Washer click here and read this article.

When you are done blowing out the dead leaves, check out how to revive your dead lawn and how to revive dead grass! Hopefully, you are now all ready to welcome spring to your lawn!

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