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12 Best Tools to Install Turf

Having a beautiful lawn is what everyone dreams of, but keeping a lawn in good shape is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, what if you are the second type? Are you going to quit the idea of having a lawn?

Certainly, you will not. So, if you want to have a beautiful lawn, I ask you to bet on artificial grass. It looks amazing, feels real, and you won’t have to spend hours maintaining it. Sounds good. Right?

However, for installing artificial grass on your lawn, you will require the best tools to install turf. It includes a lot of accessories, but what matters the most is a shovel, a pair of protective gloves, a hammer, glue, nails, tamper tools, some cutting tools and off course piece of turf. There are a lot of other things too, and to find out about them, you need to do nothing but keep scrolling through this article to the end.

I have listed some of the best tools to install turf. Hence, if you are thinking of getting turf for your home, stop thinking and get through this article heartily.

Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass

One of the main benefits of having turf for your lawn is that it requires a negligible amount of care, and unlike natural grass, you don’t need to spend hours watering it.

Best tools to install turf

Along with it, the turf will never grow, so you must not worry about cutting it. There are people allergic to grass, so if you are one of them, turf is the best option for you.

The next best thing is that the turf will not attract bugs and other insects, so you can enjoy walking on a lawn without fear. Now, if you need to know more about artificial grass, then do not forget to check out this amazing article about turf.

12 Best Tools to Install Turf (Artificial Grass)

12 best tools to install turf

Now, if you are all set to get turf installed on your lawn, there are some tools that you must get. I have listed some of the best tools to install turf below. So, get them before getting started with your turf installation.

Measuring Tape

12 best tools to install turf

Something you must include in your turf installation kit is a measuring tape. Before installation, you will have to measure the area you want to install turf in and then purchase it. Doing this will help you avoid getting access to the turf.

Protective Gloves

The next important thing that you need to get for turf installation is a pair of protective gloves. While installing turf, something you must do is protect your hands.

12 best tools to install turf

You will have to pick heavy equipment and rocks and use blades too. So, get some gloves that are good enough to protect your hands during installation.

A Sturdy Shovel

12 best tools to install turf

Would you like to install a turn on an imbalanced surface? I bet not! So, before installing turf on the ground, make sure that the surface is clear. Use a shovel to remove small stones and other objectionable things. It will help you install the grass with ease.

Use Pick for Larger Rocks

12 best tools to install turf

Now, if your lawn has some large rocks, it will be better if you get a pick for them. Removing large rocks with hands can be dangerous, and I recommend getting a solid pick for this purpose. Doing this will help you save time while keeping you safe from injuries.

Tamper tools

Did you think that removing objectionable items and rocks would be enough to install turf on your lawn? If yes, then you are wrong. It is for sure that your lawn is not made up of concrete.

12 best tools to install turf

So, before installing turf, you will have to level the base of the lawn. For this, it would help if you use tamper tools. It will offer you a firm and balanced foundation for easy installation.

Special turf glue

If you are going to install the turf on your terrace, it will be beneficial if you use turf glue. Turf glue offers a firmness to the grass.

12 best tools to install turf

Along with it, gluing turf to the ground will remove all air bubbles that could make your turf look artificial. So, you must use glue while installing turf on a solid base.

Turf Nails

If you are going to install turf directly on mud, then don’t use glue. For this, I use special turf nails. The nails help the turf stick firmly to the base.

12 best tools to install turf

Also, if your turf is in different pieces, the nails will help you to join them together. So, do not forget to include turf nails in your turf installation kit.


What’s the use of turf nails if you have got no hammer? So, never forget to get a good and reliable hammer for installing turf. It helps you to install nails with ease.

Best tools to install turf

Along with it, while gluing, you can hammer the turf smoothly so that it sticks to the base firmly. Lastly, a hammer will also help to synchronize the turf from joints.

Cutting Tool Kit for Turf

Cutting tool kit for turf

It is too rare to get the exact sized turf as your lawn. So, when you are getting started with turf installation, you must include some turf-cutting tools in your kit. Cutting is something you will have to do a lot while installing turf.

Seam Tape

Turf seam tape

If you have a long space to cover, then you will have to join various pieces of turf. So, I suggest you get some seam tape. A seam tape will help you hold two pieces of turf together so that you can join them with the help of nails.

Turf puller

Turf puller

For joining two larger pieces of turf, a turf puller is as essential as water for fish. So, get a turf puller if you think that you will have to join two larger pieces of turf together. This is one of the most crucial tools for artificial grass installation in large spaces.

Push broom for uniform looks

Once you are done installing turf on your lawn or terrace, it is time to push the broom onto the turf. After installation, there will be points where the turf isn’t uniform.

Push broom for uniform looks

So, move the push broom on the turf after installation. Also, it is highly recommended to use a push broom where there are joints in your turf.


It’s safe to say that this article has guided you through the best tools to install turf. The necessary tools listed above will help you install artificial grass with ease.

Along with it, I have also elaborated on some of the crucial benefits of having turf on your lawn or terrace. So, follow this article closely to install turf with perfection.

Shopping List

Here’s an easy reference list of the best tools to install turf.

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