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9 Great Ways to Store Your Garden Hose

A garden hose lying in the garden is unpleasant to look at. It is usually badly arranged or a tangled mess. Nobody likes a garden storage cluttered with twisted and tangled garden hoses.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to store your garden hose which can help ensure your spaces are always neat. Here are some of the best hose storage solutions. Check out these 9 practical garden hose storage ideas for a more uncluttered garden in your home or office. 

1. Keep Your Hose in a Stylish Garden Hose Holder

Ways to store your garden hose

Do you want to maintain an attractive atmosphere while watering your garden? Keeping your hose in a stylish garden hose holder is an excellent way to achieve that. A garden hose holder is a specially-built pot for hoses. A hidden inlet port at its base allows the hose thoroughfare to connect to and from the water supply.

However, remember to select a thick and weather-proof material when shopping for a garden hose holder online or in stores. The best garden hose holder is lightweight, durable, and elegant too.

2. Install Hooks on a Fence to Store Outdoors

Ways to store your garden hose

While using a garden hose holder could be an excellent indoor storage option, here’s a very straightforward outdoor storage idea. Consider placing your hose holder along the garden wall. This easy storage option helps you store the garden hose closest to flowering plants or vegetation that need the most watering.  

You only need to purchase one or two sturdy hangers to gift yourself highly durable outdoor storage. Metal or highly durable plastic is available on sites like Amazon and Shopify. Moreover, installing these hangers is straightforward and can readily go for a regular weekend DIY task.

3. Attach Your Garden Hose to a Tool Shelf

Ways to store your garden hose

Do you prefer having your things highly organized? This third item on our list of handy garden hose storage ideas might be your best bet. Simply hook your hose to a tool shelf and have all the remaining space left for other garden tools. Purchase a simple S-hook from garden tool stores to keep all your garden tools neatly on the shelf.

4. Use a Traditional Hose Reel

Ways to store your garden hose

If you have a traditional home setting, there’s nothing wrong with using old-fashioned hose reels. They will help accentuate your home exterior décor and make it look tidier. 

Select a wall-mounted hose reel if you don’t mind fixing another permanent hole on your property. It’s highly convenient to use these wall-mounted reels. Else, you can get a freestanding hose station or a hose reel cart for compact garden hose storage. 

Hose reels are commercially available in various designs. However, ensure that your hose reel has a copper or brass finish for aesthetics and functionality. Here are the 7 best hose reels you can choose from.

5. Purchase a Portable Reel Cart

Ways to store your garden hose

One of the best ways to store your garden hose is to purchase a portable reel cart. A portable reel cart lets you easily move the heavy hose from one part of the lawn to another. The movable reel cart also helps you avoid stretching the long hose over your garden or farm.

Here’s one of the best hose storage solutions to try if you have a large property. A two-wheel cart can help you transport your cart around the home. While a four-wheel cart could give you much more mobility and ease while tending to your yard.

What’s more? Portable reel carts often don a minimalistic look, sometimes laced with beautiful patterns and swirls for aesthetics. Consider blending your reel cart with your garden’s décor theme if you’re big on style. That way, you have ease, functionality, and aesthetics in one excellent garden hose storage idea.

6. Get a Wicker Basket Hose Holders

Ways to store your garden hose

Here’s another hose storage solution that requires a garden hose holder. Wicker basket hose holders work similarly to hose pots. You may prefer them over other storage options if you like the wicker look.

The wicker basket hose holder even works perfectly if you’ve got wicker patio furniture at home or office. Matching your décor with a wicker basket or bin for your hose’s storage is a great idea. Moreover, a wicker basket for storage will keep the hose safe from damage, and you’ll have an elegant wicker basket complementing your patio. 

7. Store the Hose in the Garage

Ways to store your garden hose

Not everyone wants to keep their hose outdoors, so keeping your hose in the garage might be a better alternative. Remember, storing your hose isn’t just tucking it away from visitors’ sight when you’re not watering the garden. You want the hose to last through sunshine, rainfall, frost, and ice – and for years.

If stored incorrectly, hoses will rot quickly when exposed to the elements. One way to keep your hose for longer is to create space for the hose in your garage when it’s not in use. 

8. Storing Your Hose in Hose Hangers with Cranks

Ways to store your garden hose

If you don’t mind using a technical tool, purchasing a hose hanger with a crank is an excellent idea. This hose hanger type has a crank that makes it easier to hang the hose after working. You’ll need to turn the hose hanger crank to wind the hose up or down.

A garden hose hanger at your disposal eliminates the need to hang the hose over your arms or in any other inconvenient way. Luckily, hose hangers with cranks are becoming trendier today and are cheaper than most other hose hangers.

9. Simply Hang the Hose on a Nail

Ways to store your garden hose

Not all neat garden hose storage ideas require you to purchase a trendy product that matches your decor theme with a modern design or a beautiful color. You can easily hang your hose on simple nails by your barn or house. Doing this can help you protect the hose from damage due to soil exposure, unsuspecting movements, and other potential damage forms and it is one of the easiest ways to store your garden hose.


These were some of the best ways to store your garden hose which will help you keep a tidy garden. Moreover, storing your garden hose properly prevents it from exposure to the elements or the soil. If your hose is already worn out, then here are the 8 best soaker hose systems you can choose from. Make sure to choose a way to store your garden hose that suits your garden and routine well.

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