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The Best Garden Forks of 2023

Are you a passionate gardener finding the most accessible tools like garden forks to initiate your gardening journey? Well then, you’ll need the best digging fork to begin digging! A Garden fork is time effective as it is easily pushed into the soil and less complex than many other gardening tools. It helps loosen and dig compacted mud for better planting.

However, several digging forks are available in the market, and with that comes the problem of finding the right product to invest in. It’s usually crucial to find the most efficient item. Considering this troublesome task, I have compiled a list of the six best garden forks of 2023 to make your selection easier.

I have thoroughly tested each of them by myself, and by the end of this guide, you’ll find the one for you!

Types of Garden Forks

There are different types of forks for gardening that you can use. These garden forks vary in shape, and you can use them for several purposes.

Digging forks

As the name suggests, digging forks are used for digging and moving rocky soil in large areas. Its shape is quite similar to a dinner fork. It has a handle, flat-four to six tines, and no curvatures. 

Spading forks

Spading forks are similar to digging forks, so the terms are often used interchangeably. They are used to aerate, dig, and break weeds or soil. With a grip on the top, the handle is usually short and has two to five curved tines for heavier digging.

Border forks

If you want a lightweight and easy-to-handle garden fork, border forks must be your choice. These are best for women, and most gardeners use it for weeding a flower bed. There’s a short handle, a narrow head, and flat-faced tines.

Standard garden forks

These are commonly used garden forks and have four to six tines with curvatures. They are structured to be easily dug into the soil and are available in different materials like wood and metal. You can push into and move mud very conveniently using these.

Things To Consider When Selecting a Garden Fork

Before you purchase the best digging fork, you must consider a few factors. Here are some things you should look for when buying a garden fork. 


It’s vital to ensure that the garden fork you are buying is durable and will last a long time. A product that is made of high-quality material and lasts long is the one you should choose. It’ll be a waste of money if the garden fork tarnishes under hard use.


The weight of a garden fork is another vital factor to consider. A heavyweight garden fork is hard to use for most gardeners. But then, a featherweight garden fork is likely to break soon. The best digging forks are the ones with a bearable weight that does not cause much pain.


As many people vary in height, you should choose a garden fork following your length. For short-height gardeners, using a longer fork might be troublesome. Therefore, only select the one that has the most suitable length for you.

The Best Garden Forks of 2023

After purchasing all the products and trying them myself, I have compiled a list of some of the best garden forks you can surely invest in.

Spear and Jackson Select Stainless Border Fork  

If you want the best quality garden fork that’s durable and easy to use, Spear and Jackson Select Stainless Border Fork is the one for you. I used it to remove weeds in my flowerbed. The experience was fun. It didn’t rust when I mistakenly left it under the daylight as it has a mirror-polished stainless steel head. The head also prevents any soil adhesion, thus causing no hurdles in your gardening. 

Since it’s a border fork, it is lightweight and weighs only 3.9 pounds. It is up to 38 inches long and has a wide handle, so you can easily grip it. The head is also wide enough, and its ergonomic handle helps you use it comfortably without bending at the slightest provocation. 

According to many reviews, this stainless border fork didn’t deteriorate even when customers used it in harsh circumstances. This border fork didn’t only make gardening easy for me, but I was also impressed by its quality. It was like support to me in my planting. However, some customers’ fork handles loosened and caused trouble in gardening.


  • It does not rust easily.
  • The fork prevents soil adhesion.
  • It is long-lasting.
  • The fork comes with a 10-year warranty.


  • It is slightly expensive.
  • The head bends if the soil is rocky.

Fiskars Fiberglass D-handle Fork 

Most of the time digging and moving compacted soil requires a lot of strength. For that, I would prefer the Fiskars Fiberglass D-handle Fork. This fork helps gardeners move mud and other loose materials, such as shrubbery and sticks. It is a heavy-duty garden fork.

The handle is quite long up to 42.25 inches, and this garden fork is made of steel. The steel is powder coated, so the chances of the fork rusting are close to none. Digging becomes a tough job sometimes. That’s why this fork comes with a D-handle. I was able to hold it easily without any force on my hand. It was also sturdy and durable.

The only drawback that comes with this fork is its weight. Although most gardeners found it lightweight, I found it a bit heavy to use. So, go for this fork if you’re tall and strong enough!


  • It is durable.
  • The D-handle reduces strain.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • The fork’s a bit heavy to use.
  • It has a comparatively longer handle than most gardening forks.

Radius Garden 204 PRO Stainless Steel Border Fork

Another best heavy-duty garden fork on the list is the Radius Garden 204 PRO Stainless Steel Border Fork. Since it’s a border fork and is suitable for smaller areas, I used it for my flower bed. It cuts through clay or mud very smoothly. If you also want to remove any unwanted wood plants or weeds from your lawn, you should opt for this garden fork!

It has a length of 40.9 inches and weighs 4.9 pounds. The stainless steel prevents rusting, and the ergonomic material is also very comfortable to use. The best thing for me was that it wasn’t very heavy. 

It is a border fork, so I recommend not using it for heavy digging, or it may break. Some customers used it for tough soil and weren’t satisfied with it. 


  • It is very comfortable.
  • The fork is resistant to rust.
  • The fork is suitable for soft soil.


  • Some gardeners found it insufficient for heavy digging.
  • A bit costly.

Bully Tools Broadfork With Fiberglass Handles

This garden fork is unique and has two fiberglass handles. If you have densely packed soil in your garden, Bully Tools Broadfork must be your choice! It helps loosen and aerate the soil and dig deeper into it. The structure of the garden fork makes it comfortable to use and reduces strain. Some gardeners even use it for harvesting root vegetables.

It has a length of 54.5 inches and is very heavy. It weighs about 13 pounds. I found it hard to use due to its heavy weight. Therefore, it’s best to opt for another fork from the list if you can not use heavy tools. Other than that, this broad fork is the best heavy-duty garden fork and works well under harsh use. The best part is that it has detachable handles. It means you can easily store it after use and reassemble it when required again. 


  • The fiber material reduces the strain.
  • It’s best for dense soil.
  • It comes with detachable handles.


  • The fork is very heavy.
  • The tines are thin.

Flexrake Classic Hand Fork

With only a length of 10 inches and a weight of 240g, the Flexrake Classic Hand Fork is a small garden fork with the best quality. It has beautifully made oak handles and carbon steel blades. The carbon steel makes it durable and saves it from rusting. The tines also don’t bend easily.

This garden fork is best for digging and removing small amounts of mud. Since it is very lightweight, it tends to cause less pain while gardening. Nevertheless, it is not helpful for heavy clay soil and may break if used with greater strength.   


  • It is lightweight.
  • It has a small length.
  • The Flexrake fork is quite affordable.


  • It breaks when used in heavily compact mud.

Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Border Fork

Here is another good option for the best quality digging fork. The Wilkinson Sword Border Fork is lighter than most traditional garden forks. It has a length of 38.2 inches and weighs 3.4 pounds. I used it for gardening my small flower bed. Digging and lifting plants with this was very easy. You can also go for this tool if you want to maintain confined garden areas.

The ash handle is weatherproof and wouldn’t deteriorate in quality under any weather conditions. There are no chances of rusting as well due to the stainless steel. Wilkinson Sword also offers a ten-year warranty. Thus, you do not have to worry about breaking it mistakenly!

The only hurdle coming in the way is that the tines are long and the head is narrow, so tall gardeners with big feet found it hard to use.


  • The Wilkinson fork is lightweight.
  • It has a weatherproof handle and does not rust easily.
  • It has a reasonable price.
  • The company offers a 10-year warranty.


  • Its use is limited to smaller gardens.
  • Gardeners with big feet found it hard to use.


After reading this brief overview of buying the best garden-digging fork, you might have decided to purchase the most convenient one. You must ensure that your chosen garden fork is durable and easy to use. 

The right garden fork will make digging and planting a fun experience for you. This way, you and your garden will thrive! 


What size garden fork do I need? 

The best garden forks have a maximum length of 30 to 40 inches and weigh up to 5 pounds. A garden fork with these specifications is the most suitable size for a gardener.

How to choose a garden fork? 

Before choosing a garden fork, you need to consider several facts. The most essential are durability, weight, length, material, and warranty. Only invest in it if all these factors are satisfied.

What is the use of a garden fork? 

A garden fork is a very significant tool when it comes to gardening. Its vital use is for digging, loosening, and removing soil. You can also use it for harvesting vegetables or removing unnecessary materials like weeds.

What are the different types of garden forks?

Garden forks have different types. There are digging, spading, border, and standard garden forks available. Each of them has separate purposes and features.

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