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7 Best Chainsaw Gloves: Essential Safety Gear for Woodcutting

Chainsaws are powerful tools essential for a variety of tasks ranging from tree felling to sculpting wood art. Yet their power comes with significant risk, necessitating rigorous safety measures. Among the key components of safety gear for chainsaw users are chainsaw gloves. These specialized gloves are designed to provide a high level of protection against the common injuries that can occur while operating a chainsaw, such as cuts and abrasions.

Chainsaw gloves are crafted with reinforced materials that can resist cutting and offer a good grip to handle the vibrations and kickback of a chainsaw. They typically feature layers of materials like Kevlar, which is known for its ability to withstand cutting and are designed to be comfortable to wear over long periods. Without compromising dexterity, these gloves allow users to work with precision and confidence.

When considering a purchase, buyers should pay close attention to the fit and the level of protection offered. The gloves must fit snugly but not restrict movement. They should be certified to a recognized standard, such as EN 381-7, indicating they have been rigorously tested to withstand chainsaw blades. Additional features like waterproofing or insulation may also be important depending on the working conditions. We conducted thorough research and hands-on testing of various models to determine the chainsaw gloves that strike the best balance between safety, comfort, and control.

Top Chainsaw Gloves

As experts in chainsaw safety gear, we’ve meticulously tested and reviewed a range of chainsaw gloves to determine which ones offer the premium blend of protection, durability, and comfort. Safety is paramount when handling chainsaws, and our selection comprises the most reliable gloves on the market to ensure your hands are well-protected during operation. The following gloves have met our high standards for quality and performance.

How we chose the Top 5 Chainsaw Gloves

To select the top 5 chainsaw gloves, we established a set of criteria focusing on safety features, comfort, durability, and user feedback.

  1. Safety Certification

    • Our primary consideration was whether the gloves were certified to meet safety standards, such as those set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
  2. Material Quality

    • We assessed the types of materials used, including cut-resistant fibers and reinforced padding, to ensure high-level protection against chainsaw accidents.
  3. Comfort & Fit

    • We looked for gloves that provide flexibility and a snug fit without compromising safety, to facilitate ease of use during extended periods of operation.
  4. User Reviews

    • Our team analyzed customer reviews and ratings to gauge real-world performance and satisfaction.
  5. Brand Reputation

    • We considered the reputation and history of the manufacturers, giving weight to those known for their commitment to chainsaw safety equipment.
  6. Price & Accessibility

    • We compared prices to determine value for money while ensuring that the gloves selected were easily accessible for purchase.
Safety CertificationMust meet ANSI standards.High
Material QualityShould include cut-resistant fibers.High
Comfort & FitMust offer comfort and dexterity.Moderate
User ReviewsPositive feedback and high ratings required.Moderate
Brand ReputationManufacturers known for safety prioritized.Moderate
Price & AccessibilityCompetitive pricing with easy availability.Moderate

Testing Process:

  • We put each pair through rigorous use in varied cutting scenarios.
  • We assessed the gloves’ performance based on our criteria.

The end result was a carefully curated list of the top 5 chainsaw gloves, intended to provide reliable protection for chainsaw users across different applications.

Husqvarna Gloves

Husqvarna chainsaw gloves

We believe these Husqvarna gloves are an essential safety addition for anyone wielding a chainsaw, offering both protection and dexterity.


  • Enhanced durability with a goatskin palm
  • Cut resistance on the left glove for added safety
  • High-visibility colors with a reflective logo for safe low-light work


  • Larger fit may require sizing down
  • Only left-hand cut protection, which might not suit everyone
  • A bit heavier than standard work gloves

Having slipped on the Husqvarna chainsaw gloves, the immediate sensation of the tough goatskin palm signifies durability. The spandex fabric back allows for flexibility in movement; maneuvering the chainsaw feels natural, and gripping wood is secure.

Noticing the bright colors and reflective elements, it’s evident that Husqvarna has thought about visibility as well. These are gloves that keep you seen, which is crucial for those early dawn or late dusk shifts.

It’s worth mentioning that while these gloves are robust, they might not completely stop a chainsaw blade. However, the peace of mind they provide when handling rough tree branches or brambles is invaluable. They shape to the hands well and have proven instrumental in our outdoor work, complementing our chainsaw work rather than hindering it.

Oregon Chainsaw Gloves

7 best chainsaw gloves: essential safety gear for woodcutting

We recommend these gloves if you’re in the market for a reliable and comfortable fit to enhance safety while operating a chainsaw.


  • Tough leather reinforcement offers durability and protection
  • Waterproof materials ensure hands stay dry during use
  • Fluorescent color improves visibility for safer working conditions


  • May require a break-in period for optimal comfort
  • The extra protection on the left glove can feel restrictive
  • Not the thickest option available, which might concern heavy-duty users

Upon first use, we immediately noticed the robust build quality of these gloves. The waterproof leather palms and the water-repellent polyester backs keep moisture at bay, which is a boon in different working environments. Offering good dexterity, these gloves don’t compromise on movement, making it easier to handle the chainsaw or other tools.

The fit is snug at first, which is something we’ve come to expect with new gloves. However, after a day’s work, they molded to our hands and improved in comfort. The benefits of this close fit became clear through the precise control it allowed over our saw—a crucial safety feature.

Visibility is key in any safety gear, and the fluorescent back of these gloves makes us stand out. This is particularly useful during dawn or dusk, or when working in dense foliage. The knit cuffs add an additional layer of comfort and ensure that debris stays out.

These gloves aren’t the thickest around, which means that for the most extreme tasks, you might seek a beefier option. Yet, for general chainsaw operations, they withstand wear and protect without being overly bulky. We did find the left glove’s added protective layer slightly constrictive at first, but its purpose—to shield against chainsaw kickbacks—is essential for left-handers.

All things considered, these Oregon chainsaw gloves strike a balance between safety and usability that we appreciate. While they may not suit those looking for the heaviest-duty option, they meet our needs for most jobs. Looking out for our hands has never felt so secure and comfortable.

Vgo Chainsaw Gloves

7 best chainsaw gloves: essential safety gear for woodcutting

If you’re in the market for reliable hand protection during chainsaw operations, we find these Vgo gloves to be a solid choice.


  • High visibility and premium goat leather enhance safety and comfort.
  • Breathability and dexterity are top-notch, thanks to the stretch spandex back.
  • Additional cut resistance on the left hand provides peace of mind.


  • The right glove may show wear quickly with intense use.
  • The fit might be off for some, with tight fingers or loose palms.
  • Stitching at the cuff can wear out over time, making durability a potential issue.

When we took these gloves out for a spin, the first thing we noticed was the quality of the goat leather. It’s not just about the protection; it feels premium and molds to the hands, allowing for all-day comfort. The gloves move with us, giving a precise and secure grip on the chainsaw, so our hands don’t tire out as quickly.

We appreciate the bright orange color for safety. It’s important to be visible when we’re working, and these gloves make sure of that. The high visibility combined with the heavy-duty PVC palm patches makes us feel like we’re wrapped in a cocoon of safety.

However, we did observe that after several intensive cutting sessions, the right glove began to show signs of wear. It’s not a deal-breaker, given that gloves are consumables in chainsaw work, but it’s something to keep in mind. Moreover, for our teammates with unique hand sizes, finding the perfect fit required some trial and error. The stitch work at the cuffs could do with some reinforcement, as this is an area that seems to take on stress.

In summary, the Vgo Chainsaw Gloves are a commendable ally for anyone frequenting the woods or engaging in heavy-duty yard work. They offer the dexterity, comfort, and safety we need, despite some concerns about long-term durability.

Wells Lamont Work Gloves

7 best chainsaw gloves: essential safety gear for woodcutting

We find that these Wells Lamont Work Gloves are a sound investment for anyone in need of reliable hand protection for various manual tasks.


  • Superior durability due to genuine cowhide leather
  • Comfortable and secure fit with elastic back
  • Multi-purpose with added wrist protection


  • May be too bulky for fine tasks
  • Leather can be stiff before breaking in
  • Higher price point than some alternatives

Sliding on a pair of these Wells Lamont gloves, it’s instantly clear that they are built to withstand serious use. The leather feels robust and ready to act as a shield against abrasions and punctures—perfect when we’re tackling the tougher jobs that would quickly wear out inferior gloves.

The snug fit is something we’re fond of; it’s like the elastic back of the gloves ensures they hug our wrists without slipping, providing that confidence to grip tools firmly. Also, with a longer cuff, we’ve noticed the added protection around the wrist area—which comes in handy when dealing with thorny landscaping tasks or when extra debris is flying around.

Now, we’ve encountered a couple of trade-offs in the quality-versus-utility department. Initially, the cowhide leather is somewhat stiff, requiring a bit of break-in time before achieving optimal flexibility. And while the robust build is much appreciated, it can hinder dexterity for more delicate tasks—which is worth considering depending on the job at hand.

However, after several uses, it’s impressive how well these gloves hold up. They maintain their integrity and comfort, displaying only the honorable marks of hard work. Given their performance in various scenarios, from garden work to rough construction, we believe these gloves meet and exceed expectations for quality work gloves, despite their higher cost compared to some others on the market.

ZELARMAN Safety Gloves

7 best chainsaw gloves: essential safety gear for woodcutting

We recommend these gloves for their solid protection and versatility in various work environments, not just for chainsaw use.


  • High level of cut resistance on the left-hand
  • Genuine leather palms ensure durability and grip
  • Comfortable fit with elastic cuffs and debris protection


  • Cut protection limited to left glove’s back
  • Knuckle coverage may be insufficient for some users
  • Hand wash only which might not be convenient for everyone

Working with chainsaws demands respect for safety, and we’ve recently put the ZELARMAN Safety Gloves to the task. The cut-resistant material on the left glove offered reassuring protection during the chainsaw’s kickback, a trait indispensable in forestry work. It’s a relief knowing that these gloves meet the EN ISO and EN388 standards for safety wear, providing that extra peace of mind.

The genuine leather palms were a standout feature. After hours of handling equipment, from chainsaws to construction tools, the grip performance didn’t falter. These gloves stayed comfortable, too, with their elasticated cuffs, which kept the wood chips at bay while I was clearing branches. Plus, the thumb’s towel cloth came in handy for a quick wipe-off of sweat, without ever having to remove the gloves.

Despite these benefits, remember that the cut-resistant feature is limited to the back of the left hand. Some users might prefer protection on both hands or more extensive coverage over the knuckles. Also, the gloves being hand wash only could be seen as a drawback for those accustomed to machine washing their work gear. Even so, for the protection and dexterity they offer, the ZELARMAN Safety Gloves are a pair we’ll keep in our toolkit for a variety of tasks.

YARDMARIS Anti-Cut Gloves

7 best chainsaw gloves: essential safety gear for woodcutting

We find these gloves to be a reliable choice for anyone who needs dependable hand protection while working with chainsaws and other tools.


  • Extraordinary protection with 12 layers on the left-hand
  • Conductive fingertips for touchscreen compatibility
  • Secure and comfortable fit with breathability


  • Protection is mainly on the left-hand
  • Some users may find the palm padding too thick
  • Potential sizing issues for some users

After slipping on the YARDMARIS Anti-Cut Gloves, the sense of security they provide is immediately noticeable. The reinforced layers feel sturdy, typical of gear designed to maintain safety in high-risk tasks involving chainsaws. We appreciate how the palms cushion against vibrations and impacts; this feature has made long hours of handling tools a more comfortable experience.

The convenience of the touchscreen-friendly fingertips cannot be overstated. We’ve found it tremendously useful to manage our devices without the need to remove our gloves, saving time and hassle on the job. The flexibility and breathability of these gloves also mean our hands don’t fatigue as quickly, allowing us to work with precision for extended periods.

That said, we must acknowledge that these gloves are not without their limitations. While the 12-layer protection on the left hand is impressive, we’d prefer a more symmetrical form of safeguarding, as chainsaw accidents can impact both hands. Workers might also find the thick palm padding restricts movement slightly when performing more delicate tasks. Concerning fit, it’s crucial to get the sizing right—the range of comfort and protection these gloves offer depends heavily on a snug fit, which may not be perfect for everyone’s hands.

Youngstown Kevlar Gloves

7 best chainsaw gloves: essential safety gear for woodcutting

We think these gloves are a solid choice for anyone engaging in heavy-duty work like land clearing, providing both protection and durability.


  • Lined with Kevlar for superior cut and puncture resistance
  • Non-slip reinforcement on critical areas ensures a lasting grip
  • Suitable for a variety of tough jobs beyond just chainsaw use


  • Sizing may be inconsistent, leading to potential delays in finding the right fit
  • Durability of the stitching on the fingers could be an issue over time
  • Higher price point compared to some other brands on the market

Pulling brier vines or handling barbed wire becomes less intimidating with these Youngstown Glove Company work gloves. Their complete lining of Kevlar fiber provides confidence that hands are shielded against most cuts and punctures during such intense tasks.

During work, the non-slip reinforcement along the palm, fingers, and thumb is something we can’t help but appreciate. This crucial feature allows us to maintain a secure hold on tools, even in damp conditions, which is essential for safety and efficiency.

While comfort is key, going through the trial and error of finding the right size can be frustrating. We’ve noticed feedback regarding sizing inconsistencies, so it’s worth considering ordering multiple sizes to ensure a snug, protective fit. Once we’ve got the right pair, though, the high level of protection and utility we get from these gloves makes the initial hassle worth it.

Buying Guide

Material and Protection

When we choose chainsaw gloves, we prioritize materials that offer a combination of comfort and protection. Look for gloves with reinforced layers, such as Kevlar fibers or cut-resistant materials. These can provide enhanced safety to our hands.

Fit and Comfort

It’s crucial for us to select gloves that fit well. Properly fitting gloves increase dexterity, reducing hand fatigue. Aim for a snug fit that allows a full range of motion.


We focus on gloves designed to withstand the wear and tear of regular use. Features like double-stitching and reinforced palms help ensure durability over time.

Design and Additional Features

Waterproofing and breathability are desirable features that keep our hands dry and comfortable. Additionally, gloves with reflective markings increase visibility for our safety in low-light conditions.

FeatureWhy It Matters
MaterialDetermines level of protection
FitAffects dexterity and comfort
DurabilityEnsures long-term usability
BreathabilityMaintains comfort during use
WaterproofingProtects against wet conditions
VisibilityIncreases safety in low light


We also check for certifications, such as those from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), which confirm the gloves meet specific safety standards.

By considering these factors, we can make an informed decision to ensure our safety and efficiency when handling chainsaws.

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